01:37 GMT +331 March 2017
    A Russian firefighter plane helps extinguish a new fire that broke out in the Israeli town of Nataf, west of the Arab Israeli town of Abu Ghosh, along the border with the occupied West Bank on November 25, 2016

    Russia Hopes to Start Selling Beriev Be-200 Aircraft to US in 2018

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    Russia's trade representative to the United States Alexander Stadnik told Sputnik he hoped the deliveries of Be-200 firefighting aircraft would begin in 2018.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Russian aircraft company Beriev needs to be sure of the durability and integrity of the US-Russia partnership in order to move forward with production and sale of its Be-200 planes, Russia's trade representative to the United States Alexander Stadnik told Sputnik.

    "The United States is greatly interested in Russia’s Beriev Be-200 aircraft," Stadnik stated on Thursday. "Yet, we need political stability which translates into confidence that our large investments are well-protected."

    Stadnik explained that the project is currently in the works as Russia has to achieve certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration to start deliveries of the Be-200 aircraft.

    As a result of the fact that the Be-200 aircraft has already obtained certification in Europe, the process may be simplified in the United States.

    "I believe, we can begin the deliveries in 2018," Stadnik noted.

    In 2012, TTE International Inc., a US company, signed a deal to buy ten Be-200 aircraft. The company’s President David Baskett stated the aircraft would be used under US federal and firefighting contracts.


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      It's like, there is NO WAY to explain them.
      THEY HATE YOU. They don't want ANYTHING. SHUT UP, and when they FEEL LIKE, they show up and buy.
      Really want that?
      One retaliate on diplomatic PURGE of Washington. Force U.S diplomacy to wear bracelet, and ONLY go 10 miles in U.S measures, from embassy.
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      Create a PANEL to counter U.S panel against Russian media and spheres of influence.

      After, check prices in U.S of similar crafts, and offer maybe 5% below. Enjoy they WILL push to appear in Russia. KICK BOEING out or they will keep stealing tech. And draining brain. FOOLS.
      Lastly, begin hurting U.S corporations and trade. After all they initiated this BLUNDER.
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