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    While Iran is Ripe for Business, US Firms Look Shut Out of the Profits

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    United States businesses are notorious for taking advantage of every global opportunity to make a profit, but Iran, now open to the West following a landmark nuclear deal in July 2015, will not generally be available to American investment due to ongoing sanctions.

    Companies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are now looking to Iran, and many have taken steps to begin cooperation.

    Business entities in the US may miss the first chance to do deals with Tehran when US economic sanctions are projected to be lifted in 2017. According to the terms of the historic nuclear deal, the US agreed to lift only those sanctions connected to Iran's nuclear activities, leaving most of the sanctions, especially those placed on economic sectors, in place.

    Foreign subsidiaries of US firms are permitted to transact with Iranian companies. Legal, transparency and regulatory challenges pose some risk for those companies, but many appear willing to make that gamble.

    Many in the financial sector will wait to invest in Iran until after the upcoming US presidential election, as the candidates state very different views on foreign commerce.

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    Iran's GDP is expected to grow up to 5.5 percent this year, as long as Western investors and governments view favorably Tehran's ability to honor their commitments.

    An early indicator of international optimism was highlighted by British chancellor George Osborne, who stated that, in 2017, a group of UK businesses are expected to visit Tehran. British intelligence analyst Glenmore Trenear-Harvey, on a fact-finding trade mission in October, said, "We were very much johnny-come-lately. So many delegations were already ahead of us."

    "Americans, at the moment, are really going to be at the end of the queue… As often happens, politicians haven't the faintest idea of the commercial implications of bloviating."

    Although Iran possesses rich oil and gas reserves, US energy companies are treading carefully. Sara Vakhshouri, president of SVB Energy International, said: "I really cannot imagine in 2016 seeing any major US energy companies going in."

    "Very important for these firms is security," she added. "Even if the sanctions are lifted, if you're Chevron or ExxonMobil and you're sending American personnel to Iran, you're going to be concerned until relations are normalised."

    Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding Iran's nuclear energy program, accepted on July 14 in Vienna, all of the enriched uranium in Iran has been removed under Russia's assistance.


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      The terrorist American government is a bully and has far more enemies then friends. America will find itself on the outside looking in more and more often. Their artificially propped up dollar is being rejected more and more as well
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      teddy j
      wonderful news GREETS A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT IRAN ...friend and partner of russia , china , brics and other principled, self-and-mutually respecting nations.

      the more the USA is SHUT OUT of IRANIAN markets -- the better.

      the more the USA is shut out of WORLD markets -- ALL THE BETTER. (just the exceptionalist americans of course ...i don't wish ill on the fine, decent, conscientious americans and i hope THEY find a way to still be PART of the REAL WORLD without REPRESSION by their CORPORATE FASCIST GOVERNMENT)...

      may it be so - from year 2016 and onwards.
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      teddy jin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, EXACTLY -- Mitach!! words of WISDOM from you!
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      Iran is a fool is it accept U.K and E.U, Canada and all the one's that placed and forced Iran into suffering, without a SINGLE evidence. Just BLOCK them all. Let them ROT.. And join SCO, CSTO and live happy . Then any attack would have a REAL response. And also take on SCO/ RATS.. To keep undesirables out as much as possible and prevent coups. West wants a coup to place puppets like in Ukraine in Iran. And Join EEU.
    • Воин Света
      Once again, American sanctions backfire. This will work out in Iran's benefit.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      Or by keeping out the Americans right now allows the west to move in and by up established businesses later on...and at cutthroat low prices. In other words, don't fall for lifting of sanctions as a good thing. Let you set up shop, get things established, and then buy you out or push you out of the business. Business types tend to be spineless scum who will have you think you're coming...but you're going.
    • Bharat Ranain reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, excellent words teddy
    • Bharat Rana
      india is with iran it must rise
    • avatar
      teddy jin reply toBharat Rana(Show commentHide comment)
      Bharat Rana, all of asia will rise.

      yes -- there are also rivalries among asians...why not? that is normal especially in a very large region with very complex histories...

      but , gradually -- i am CONVINCED - that no matter how deep or even old many rivalries are -- such as between india and china, or korea/japan, or japan/china - or pakistan/india, or iran/saudi arabia...

      to name the most prominent ''rivalries"

      in the long, long path of human cultures -- the countries and 'peoples of ASIA -- IF WE are to consider it from the edge of the mediterranean (syria, lebanon, etc..) to the far east and include russia itself (that has had histories with/against -- mongols, even chinese, etc..)

      they are GRADUALLY recognizing and realize MUST accept the reality:

      their own rivalries MUST TAKE far second place -- to the importance of REMOVING

      the chains of WESTERN intrusions and control and DIVIDE AND RULE ways over ASIA...

      IF asia -- as a whole -- and as distinct countries with LONG, ANCIENT histories and accomplishments -- are

      to ever become TRULY prosperous, stable, secure .....


      from the control by the USA and the Western /european colonialists and imperialists and expansionists who have used WAR, DIVIDING , CHAOS -- and we can see very well -- ENCOURAGING and creating conditions for terrorizing populations and countries themselves...

      each and every ASIAN nation -- and this INCLUDES russia --

      that the 'west' has treated russia as an ''eastern/oriental" ''inferior" culture to conquer just like the rest of other asian countries --

      all asia must do one thing which consists of two 'faces' of the same coin...

      1) each country must BE TRULY proud of its uniqueness to defend its sovereignty from western and any foreign control.
      2) each tounry must ALSO learn to ADMIRE and respect OTHER countries' unique cultures .

      the 'RIVALS" such as india and china, japan or korea, etc..

      MUST learn IN THEIR SOCIETIES to appreciate each other's DIFFERENCES -- AND uniqueness -- and even DEFEND each other's differences


      once the asian leaderships and cultures BEGIN to take real steps to strengthen these principles -- to become UNITED in their vast unique differences --


      that the USA and the west HAVE PLAYED for centuries that enriched THEM -- at the expense of ASIANS and the rest of the world...

      is GAME OVER!

      and ASIA WILL FINALLY not just regain its independence as the largest and richest region of cultures on earth -- from western tyranny and dictatorship -

      ASIA will RETURN to being the world's CENTER of economic and cultural activity -- producing PROSPERITY and stability for ALL countries.

      DIVIDED -- by the USA and west and their collaborating ''asians" --

      ASIA WILL never rise to its rightful place in history and the world's future.

      UNITED -- through all the varieties of cultures -- with paramount effort towards understanding and sharing solutions to common problems --

      ASIA can NOT be conquered by the USA and the western colonialists =-= who have NEVER stopped that colonialism at all.

      it is time for ALL ASIA -- from the western borders OF russia - TO THE eastern coast of the mediterranean -- all the way to japan and pacific --

      to UNITE in rejecting the american/western ''leadership" -- which is nothing but a dictatorship of western pillagers and plunderers..and war and trouble makers.

      who have NO right and any business trying to ''run the lives" of people - such as in asia -- that the westerners do NOT BELONG TO or came from.

      if the west wants any part in ASIAN affairs , future, etc...

      the west should only be permitted to participate AS GUESTS...

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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Iran will still be around with the US gone.
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