16:39 GMT16 April 2021
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    An eight-year-old boy’s body was cut out from the stomach of a crocodile in Indonesia a day after he was swallowed.

    Dimas Mulkan Saputra was fishing with his father when the crocodile dragged the child away, according to the Daily Mail.

    The father caught up with the crocodile by swimming and hit him in an attempt to get him to let go, but the reptile swam away.

    “He chased the crocodile and hit it with bare hands but he couldn’t keep up,” a local search and rescue agency official said, as quoted by the 7News.

    The crocodile was caught the next day, 4 March, and the boy's lifeless body was taken out of the stomach of the crocodile. The reptile had swallowed the boy whole. 

    In February, the remains of a missing fisherman were found inside a huge crocodile in Australia.

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