21:15 GMT27 February 2020
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    Malaysian authorities have confirmed that debris recently found in Madagascar "most likely" came from the missing Boeing 777. Earlier, Malaysia had promised to renew the investigation if new significant clues were found.

    Relatives of the passengers of the missing flight MH370 are calling for resumption of the investigation into the plane's fate as officials have confirmed that debris found in Madagascar could be from MH370, The Express reported.

    V.R. Nathan, who lost his wife in the incident, said that he wants the government "to continue searching for these debris and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle". He is adamant that this way, the families will finally learn what happened to the plane.

    His daughter Grace noted that since debris is still "washing up", Malaysian investigators must continue the search.

    "It shouldn't be closed", she said.

    Don Thompson, an investigator with the Independent Group, claims to have identified a partial code found on some of the alleged plane debris in Madagascar and handed it over to Malaysian authorities in November, the newspaper reported.

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    According to him, the code WPPS61 is part of the full one, BAC27WPPS61, which this was reportedly found on a floorboard piece on the shore of the island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean earlier, and is believed to be part of the MH370 wreckage.

    Several dozen pieces of debris have been found on the shores of islands in the Indian Ocean and are believed to be part of the missing plane.

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    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 passengers and crew on board disappeared on 8 March, 2014 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, while moving from Malaysian to Vietnamese air space. After four years of unsuccessful attempts to locate the airplane's remains, the Malaysian government conceded in May 2018 that they did not know what happened to the plane and abandoned the search.


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