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    Thai Man Gets Penis Cut Off Over Alleged Sexual Harassment

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    A merry get-together between colleagues suddenly turned violent and led to bloody mutilation when one of them was accused of trying to seduce another man’s wife.

    A jealous Thai man brutally emasculated his colleague and then used his severed genitals as dog food for allegedly harassing his wife.

    According to The Daily Mail, the incident occurred in Ratchaburi when the victim, Suwit Tipjantha, was drinking at the home of his colleague Permsak Petprasert along with another friend.

    At some point Permsak and the third man went to buy more alcohol and left Suwit alone with Permsak’s wife Tin who was asleep.

    Sujit then allegedly approached Tin and started stroking the sleeping woman’s arm, prompting her to wake up and run outside screaming just as her husband was returning home.

    As Permsak admitted to the authorities, he became enraged and knocked Suwit unconscious with a hammer, cut off the man’s genitals and fed them to his dogs.

    Permsak then instructed his neighbors to deliver Suwit to a local hospital where the latter woke up the following day with no recollection of these traumatic events.

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    "I would do this again to protect my wife. This was his fault for trying to seduce her," Permsak declared.

    According to the authorities, Permsak will be charged with physical assault and is facing up to 10 years in prison.


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