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    In this October 23, 2016 image, a US military helicopter is seen flying toward Bagram airbase from Kabul, Afghanistan.

    US Sending More Troops to Afghanistan Will Only Worsen Situation for Everyone

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    A pessimistic assessment of the development of the situation in Afghanistan was made by the director of the US National Intelligence Agency, Dan Coates on May 11.

    “The political and security situation in Afghanistan will almost certainly worsen until 2018, despite a slight increase in military assistance to the US and its allies,” Coates said.

    As long as the US and NATO retain their military presence in Afghanistan, the war and violence in that country will only continue. Such an opinion was expressed by Afghan political analyst Vahid Mozhadah in an interview with Sputnik Dari.

    “The increase in the number of foreign military contingent in Afghanistan will not help to ensure security in the country. Despite the fact that NATO under the leadership of the United States had almost 100,000 troops in Afghanistan for nearly a decade, the war in Afghanistan not only did not end, on the contrary, it broke out with renewed vigor,” Mozhadah said.

    He further said that the re-direction of additional military benefits to Afghanistan will not bring any positive results.

    “In order to stop the violence, the best option right now would be to start peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. It is in this direction, in particular, that Moscow is working currently,” Mozhadah said.

    The division of terrorists into "good" and "bad" can have grave consequences for the Muslim world in general. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Sputnik Dari by former Minister of Foreign Affairs Spanta Rangin Dadfar.

    During a meeting of the Strategic Vision Group “Russia-Islamic World” the third session of which took place for the first time in Grozny, Chechnya from May 16 to 17, Dadfar spoke about how terrorism is tarnishing the image of Muslims in the world.

    “When we talk about good and bad terrorists, when terrorism is used as a weapon of foreign policy, it has a negative impact on the stability and prosperity of the Islamic world and on the coexistence of civilizations.We as Muslims should solve this problem because terrorists speak on our behalf and destroy the positive image of Islam. It is our duty to fight this evil,” Dadfar said.

    According to the former politician, Russia is working closely with the countries of the Islamic world in solving acute and pressing issues, providing effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.

    “The dialogue between Russia and the Islamic world touches upon some very important issues and one of the most acute topics of these discussions is terrorism, which is a serious threat to the Middle East, Central Asia, China, India and Russia and for the whole world,” Dadfar said.

    The former politician further said that it is important not to identify terrorists and extremists with Islam although they commit their monstrous acts appropriating these religious slogans.


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