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    Two warships of the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy fire missiles during a competitive training.

    Filmmaker John Pilger Warns of ‘The Coming War on China’ in New Documentary

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    Following vehement anti-China rhetoric from President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama’s Asian-pivot policies, some feel that US relations with Beijing could escalate into war. Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear speaks with filmmaker John Pilger about increasing tensions and how they relate to his latest movie, "The Coming War on China."

    "My film really is a warning. It’s not saying China and the US are about to go war, but it is saying that there is a great landscape of potential mistakes and accidents." Pilger said, "The US Navy is provocatively sailing missile destroyers straight through the Spratly Islands in order to provoke China. Chinese fighter planes have scrambled in response. There are many of these incidents that are happening that don’t suggest that war is about to break out, but there is a great risk here." 

    ​Pilger noted that his interest in the Asia-Pacific region was heightened in 2009 when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the South China Sea a national-security issue for the US, visiting the Philippines to convince then-President Benigno Aquino III to reinstall American military bases which had been removed in the 1990’s, following popular national sentiment.

    The filmmaker suggested that "China is encircled, almost by a great strategic noose of bases,"

    and that, "Okinawa is almost one big US base and only about 500 miles from China. A new base is being built on Jeju Island for the Aegis missile destroyer which are aimed at China’s defenses and in the Korea mainland the THAAD missile system is being installed ostensibly aimed at North Korea, but aimed at China." 

    Loud & Clear host Brian Becker noted that China expressed dismay after Trump spoke with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, a diplomatic overture that has not happened since Washington, at the behest of Beijing, broke diplomatic ties with Taipei in the late 1970’s.

    Becker said, "While Trump is noted as a reckless figure or trying to upset the international applecart, that applecart was really upset by the Asia pivot…The plans are by 2020 to have 60 percent of the US Naval assets and Air Force assets in the Pacific region."

    The Loud & Clear host pointed out that the Obama administration and the Clinton-led US State Department encouraged Manila in 2013 to bring arbitration against China for their claims in the South China Sea, a move that angered Beijing. 

    An aerial photo taken though a glass window of a Taiwanese military plane shows the view of Itu Aba, which the Taiwanese call Taiping, at the South China Sea, March 23, 2016
    © REUTERS/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Handout via Reuters/File Photo

    Pilger replied, "The problem with the idea of Trump, let alone Trump the man, is that everything can be blamed on Trump, like everything is blamed on Putin. During the Cold War everything was blamed on [then-Chinese Chairman] Mao. ‘The demon’ is a great Western invention. Once we have a couple of demons, we can blame everything on them, including the weather, climate change, everything."

    He offered, "It’s a very provocative and risky game he’s playing. Undoubtedly trying to backfoot the Chinese because he wants a new trade deal with them. He’s crying foul in a game that was really invented by the United States."


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      The US has nothing to gain, and much to lose in a war with a nuclear power. The fiscal crisis, manpower woes, and cyber vulnerabilities make war risky.
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      The problem for this is that, it is in the best interests of both sides if they continue with peace. Financially, China needs the U.S. Market, and the U.S. needs the materials manufactured by China.
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      there is always potential, especially when the usg sends forces into harms way and continually acts in a bullying aggressive and stupid manner.
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      China still lack behind in tech etc, behind U.S. but MORE than make for it's numbers. China could easily raise a massive armed forces. 2 million per each NATO country.
      So it may lose a lot, at the end, may win.
      And it depends how Russia reacts and the ties. IF China sign a mutual protection doc. FORGET IT.
      Russia actually have a streamlined military but it carries a HEAVY PUNCH.. And it will be BRUTAL.
      By 2020, Russia may have a total different armies with other tank, and even more planes , ships never seen before. By 2025, Russia will have PAK TA. to arrive anywhere on earth fast. And deploy an army as used in Iraq nearly overnight.
      And expect even bigger jets. Faster too.

      the teleportation joke should be real. Why not? Just keep at it.

      That will teleport an entire army anywhere in s moment... And disappear at will.

      ALL women in the country will just arrive BARE..To calm the RUS armies. I know ..Please is a JOKE.
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      Michael Hill
      I think Mr Trump should mend his own country, first. The US is not what it once seemed and a very poor example to the rest of the world.
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      Let this be a lesson to both China and Russia just in case Russia is thinking of cozying up to the beast. China is sunk and could not possibly stand up to a war with the United States as it could not attack the US mainland without a response from other NATO nations.
      Russia would be wise not to play footsie with these treacherous dogs, and if Russia does it is at their own peril.
      Trumps appointments of numerous Generals into his cabinet is a sure sign he is preparing to place the country on a major war footing with China and Russia in Trumps sights.
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      We have been waiting for this war since the Korean and Vietnam wars were over ,,,it would be a real slought,,,simply do it if you were not a coward....
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      china wants to play a big brother in Asia ,while bullying its neighbor.US,Japan,Australia ,Vietnam and India will tame d dragon..
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      Yes a military in choas who have no combat experience as we saw in ww2 with small Japan taking China. Many newbies don't know what it's like to be shot at and would have a hard time against a battle hardened military. Although probably no ground war but a large population could easily be turned into a burden as grid fails and the crops get sick and die for no reason.No food to feed China as other assets are taken out.All exports would be sunk and oil tankers from the middle East would be turned around. Not good for China or they could come visit us and get a bloody nose that way too.China is strong but fragile and very dependent on shipping especially oil which would be denied. Over 1 billion with no food very big liability and that's just scratching the surface as other evils await unknown to Chinas mainland . No Navy left ,if you want to climb in the ring with a professional be prepared to lose.Especially if you try here you will be pushed back into the ocean and chased down.If China wants peace then it will work out better for both sides.
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