22:20 GMT16 January 2021
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    Residents of Shaanxi Province in central China have engaged in a series of fights in Starbucks. Representatives of the coffee shop say that the cause of the fights is the special, limited edition cups released this spring.

    A fight broke out between two Starbucks customers on 26 February as they both sought to buy a limited edition coffee mug at a cafe in China, The Mirror reported. Before the beginning of spring, Starbucks usually issues a limited line of various glasses and cups that become trophies for many collectors.

    This time, however, anxiety to purchase the collectable cups reached a climax as people started to line up several hours before the cafe opened, with one man even spending the night in a tent in order to be among the first to get the coveted cup. The mugs are on sale only until 3 March.

    A video of several people fighting over a mug has gone viral on multiple social platforms.

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    According to reports, a man and a woman began to fight because they were both desperate to purchase the new double-walled coffee mug resembling a cat paw.


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