18:57 GMT16 January 2021
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    A spear fisherman from the UK described his recent incident off the coast of Australia as one of the most "terrifying" experiences in his life.

    John Craig, a 34-year-old British diver, swam about 7.5 km (4.5 miles) in a desperate attempt to escape a giant shark that was following him all the way to the shore, media reported.

    The young man found himself one-on-one with a huge tiger shark after his boat was swept away due to engine problems.

    "It [the shark] was extremely close and curious and kept approaching me from different angles. It was trying to work out what I was and whether I could be on the menu," the man told the BBC.

    Craig called for help, but the boat crewed by his friend disappeared. Then he put his spear gun between himself and the shark to scare it off, but when it didn't help he started a long swim back to the shore.

    When he finally made it to the beach near Shark Bay, he was spotted by a local rescue team.

    "It's an absolutely incredible story," Shark Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue commander Greg Ridgley told Perth's Sunday Times. "He swam at least 5 miles in shark-infested waters, I just can't believe anybody could do that."

    Tiger sharks are notorious for their aggressive attacks on humans, which in most cases end fatally.


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