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    Florida Mom Loses Nipple to Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Mastectomy

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    A mom who recently underwent a double mastectomy to decrease her chances of getting breast cancer ended up with with a deadly flesh-eating disease that caused one of her nipples to fall off.

    "I was trying to prevent my chances of getting breast cancer but I ended up with a deadly flesh-eating disease," Alice Wertez of Florida said, the New York Post reported. 

    Wertez woke up in severe pain after a mastectomy. Over the next several days, she noticed her breasts becoming more inflamed, and turning a shade of purple.

    However, she was only diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as "flesh-eating disease," 38 days after her surgery, although she exhibited symptoms of the deadly disease, which occurs when bacteria enters the body through a break in the skin.

    "I had all the symptons, such as low blood pressure, pain, swelling, and blisters."

    The 37 year-old was told she would need to have emergency surgery to remove the deep tissue infection caused by the bacteria, as doctors realized that the infection had spread toward her lungs.

    "It was a nightmare as my breasts were rotting more every day. They were both purple and covered in pus-filled spots," Wertez recalled. "My left nipple fell off into my hands after a bandage change, my flesh was so rotten that chunks were just dropping off daily."

    After multiple life-saving surgeries, Wertez's chest has been left seriously disfigured by the infection.

    "I have been left disfigured by the disease and seeing my chest every day is a constant reminder," said Wertez, who counts herself "extremely lucky to have survived."

    "I hope other women read my story and make themselves aware of this type of complication."


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