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    Bill Skarsgard in a scene from It.

    What Would Make You Jump Into Sewer? Pennywise From 'It' Gets Meme Treatment

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    Obama as President, Beyonce and other tempting offers that would make people want to immediately join the horrendous clown from “It.”

    With the release of the latest cinema adaptation Stephen King's "It," popularity of Pennywise the Dancing Clown increased enormously. Night and day, countless numbers of jokes and memes appear in social networks since late August.

    The most peculiar "memefication" of Pennywise started when one user twitted a screenshot from the 2017 movie, accompanied with a challenging question, asking what it would take for people to join the nightmare.

    Since then, microbloggers started finding all kinds of reasons to crawl down the sewers and follow the villainous clown.

    Judging by likes and reposts, some lusts and desires were especially common.

    Even Chance the Rapper joined in this terrific Twitter fun.

    In no time, this "Pennywise has what I need" game has turned into a separate meme.

    Several Twitter users admitted that Pennywise doesn't even have to make much effort to lure victims into the sewers.

    There is also a vice versa meme: Pennywise offers something what makes people want to immediately cover the sewer hole with concrete.


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