21:59 GMT19 January 2021
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    Arriving on Capitol Hill to talk about paid family leave, Ivanka Trump’s meet-and-greet encounter with US Senator Marco Rubio took the spotlight, thanks to "little Marco's" cringe-worthy hug.

    ​This unfortunate example of a hug couldn’t have gotten any more awkward, and thankfully, the internet did take notice, and things got savage quickly. 

    Remember that lovely clenched-fist Arthur meme? Well consider this series of unfortunate events the real-life version. 

    ​Could this be just a mock-up to the Handmaid’s Tale? 

    ​Maybe a metaphor?

    ​Let’s not forget some bots… er people, just aren’t huggers. 

    ​On the real, maybe Ivanka just didn’t recognize the Rubio, right?

    ​Sadly, even Jared got in on the shame. 

    ​Yup, this debacle was hands down embraced across the realm of social media and whatever the real reason is behind the bothersome event, it’s time to say hello to the latest meme of 2017.

    ​Pressing Update! Wanting to clear the air about his ever-so-awkward moment where he failed at hugging, Marco Rubio took on the internet by launching an "investigation."

    ​And just like that the details begin to trickle in:

    ​How else could one clear their name? Video footage of course!

    ​For our sakes, if you have it, please publish footage of the forever awkward Rubio hug aka the moment Ivanka forced herself to give in. 

    ​Alas, while the Florida official concluded his inquiry, it doesn’t go without saying that not even his fellow Floridians were amused.

    ​Better luck next time ol’ boy!


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