23:35 GMT08 May 2021
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    There are loud, noisy party animals, and then there are quiet party animals. It seems that these particular creatures of the night cherish their private space and don't like to disturb their neighbors, as their favorite kind of party is dancing in a big dark room in almost complete silence.

    Welcome to the world of silent discos. The idea is that people put on wireless headphones and the DJ broadcasts the tunes directly into your ears. Not a note of music is heard in the room, only the noise of people shuffling around, wheezing and sometimes even singing along.

    ​In mainstream clubs the music is so loud that the room itself sometimes trembles. The sound quality suffers as modern music venues aren't really built to the standards of concert-halls. What the visitors end up with is a rough, deafening noise as well as the feeling of their inner organs vibrating in tune with the rhythm.

    At a silent disco, this is a problem no more. Headphones help the crowd immerse themselves into the music, sans sound defects. As a pleasant bonus, this kind of party is unlikely to attract unwanted attention from light sleepers in the area – unless people get carried away with stomping.

    ​Silent discos are particularly popular at parties taking place outside, e.g. in the woods, on beaches or other locations in the open air.

    The only downside which is also hard to miss is that, to an outsider, a club filled with a crowd of people dancing in headphones in near silence looks, well, ridiculous.

    And as always, the Simpsons did it first.

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