16:48 GMT08 April 2020
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    Well over a century after Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear, the name of the lucky lady who received it has been revealed. Art Newspaper discovered that the recipient was Gabriel Berlate, a farmer’s daughter working in a whorehouse.

    “It was still expected that the ear was given to a random bedfellow of the painter, or to a prostitute,” writes The Art Newspaper.

    It is noted that the book “Van Gogh’s Ear: Truthful Story” by Bernadette Murphy offered journalists a hint. The author promised the woman’s relatives that they wouldn't mention her surname, only her name.

    The girl’s name appears in the records of the Institute Pasteur in Paris, where Gabriel was treated for rabies after a dog bit her in 1888. Fortunately, she was pricked with the latest vaccine, which saved her life.

    Gabriel’s treatment, however, forced her family into debt and she was pressured to work in a whorehouse. She was too young to be registered as a prostitute, so she worked there as a maid.

    It is reported that Van Gogh, who suffered from psychological disorders, gave his ear to the young Gabriel Berlate.

    After a while, Berlate got married and lived a long, happy life, but she never mentioned her secret meeting with Van Gogh to anyone.


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