18:10 GMT29 November 2020
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    A schoolboy from Moscow, who won a special prize last month from a website which sells various weapons and armors for an online game, met with his reward – pornstar Ekaterina Makarova. The two discussed how they would be spending their time together.

    Ruslan Schedrin, a 16-year-old schoolboy, hit the jackpot on February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day, winning a month-long stay at a Moscow hotel with Makarova, Russian media reported.

    Makarova said she met with Schedrin last week. The woman, who chose a rather unusual profession, also met with Ruslan's family to discuss how she and the boy would spend their time together.

    Although initially Ruslan's mother was against the meeting and said her son wouldn't be living a month with the pornstar, this time around she was friendlier and agreed that Ruslan and Ekaterina would be meeting again, but she said the boy would be staying at home and not at a hotel with the pornstar.

    According to the Russian news website Ruposters, during their first meeting Ruslan offered Ekaterina to play computer games with him. The loser of that game was supposed to do anything the winner wished for. Needless to say, Ruslan easily won the game and asked for… Ekaterina to drink a glass of Kumis [a fermented dairy product drink traditionally made by the peoples of Central Asia]. A deal is a deal and Ekaterina had to drink the white drink.

    The pornstar said she would be meeting with the boy over the course of next month and the two are planning to go for walks and visit various cultural events across the city. Makarova will be staying in a hotel near Ruslan's house and plans to meet him after school.

    For now Makarova said she and Ruslan haven't discussed the possibility of sexual relations between them, but the likelihood of such a scenario is still present.

    Although the unusual relationship has captured the attention of Russian media, a few reports claim that the story might have been fabricated, saying that the schoolboy is a professional child actor. One thing seems to be certain though — Makarova is indeed a real pornstar.


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