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    US astronaut Scott Kelly, right, Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka, center, and Mikhail Korniyenko pose before their final preflight practical examination

    Space Ape Chase Prank: Astronauts Run From Gorilla on ISS (VIDEO)

    © AP Photo / Pavel Golovkin
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    Astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) know how to have fun, even too much fun for some to handle – how about a gorilla running [well, floating] after a cosmonaut?

    Well, not a real gorilla, of course, but a man wearing a full-size gorilla suit. It would still be scary if that thing suddenly popped out of a bag and came running at you.

    NASA's Scott Kelly, the commander of the current international mission at the ISS, published a video on his Twitter account, in which astronauts pranked their co-worker by putting a man wearing a full-size gorilla suit inside a bag.

    The video shows the man trying to register the bag which came from Earth as part of cargo. In the middle of the process, his colleague, dressed in a gorilla suit [maybe Kelly?], comes out of the bag and starts chasing after the man.

    ​It's funny to watch, but it might not have been all that amusing for the man who got pranked.

    Kelly is certainly a fascinating man. Last week, he said his team managed to grow flowers on Valentine's Day in the Veggie plant growth system on the ISS.

    ​This experiment provides a great opportunity for scientists to study how plants, including vegetables, could be grown in space. As humans are planning longer space missions, astronomers will need to grow their own food.

    The growth of zinnias was a test-run before NASA plans to grow tomatoes on the ISS in 2017. NASA is hoping that by learning how to grow vegetables in space, astronomers will be able to supplement their diets with fresh vegetables.


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