02:33 GMT +327 February 2017
    Havana, Cuba

    Cuba, China to Replace Turkey, Egypt for Russian Tourists

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    The Indian state of Goa has been removed from the Russian list of safe travel destinations, Huffington Post India reports citing the Russian government's information centre in Goa. Earlier, Russia banned travel flight to Egypt and Turkey. The government considers China, Cuba and Vietnam as a replacement to the blacklisted resorts.

    India’s Goa, one of the most popular destinations for Russian vacationers, has been excluded from the list of places Russia considers as safe.

    Among the possible reasons were local security incidents, including clashes between tourists and local residents.

    In 2013, nearly 250,000 Russian tourists visited Goa, which accounted for nearly 50 percent of all foreign tourists visiting the resort.

    The measure followed the blacklisting of Egypt and Turkey, the most popular travel destinations for Russian tourists.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin banned all flights to Egypt after a Russian A321 passenger airliner crashed in Sinai on October 31.

    On Saturday, Russia banned travelling to Turkey in response to the downing of a Russian bomber by a Turkish jet in Syria.

    The decision on Goa, as the government explained, was made not due to a terrorism threat but due to a range of factors including local security issues and rising costs of holidaying in Goa.

    With the devaluation of the ruble, the number of Russian tourists arriving in Goa has halved, according to the Russian information center in Goa.
    Destinations that are now considered by the Russian government to replace Egypt and Turkey include China, Cuba and Vietnam.


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      Tactical Investor
      Cuba is a really cool place to visit and its cheap. Vietnam is also not bad and the food is great. So there are many better places to visit than Turkey and that offer better bang for the buck and better service
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    • nadezhdochka_25
      great new destinations,but I hope it wont cost a lot because of long flight in Cuba
    • qvasko 15
      It would be nice they are probably more beautiful destinations generally, but I think they are also too expensive for average russian citizen...
    • qvasko 15in reply toTactical Investor (Show commentHide comment)
      tacticalinvestor, But to go there costs a fortune
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      Tactical Investor in reply toqvasko 15(Show commentHide comment)
      qvasko 2015, actually it does not. There are specials to Vietnam and believe it or not Indonesia is one Muslim country that is really cool. I have been there a few times and tickets from Moscow where I have some friends can be as low as 500 RT and its damn cheap here.

      Indonesians love Russians, they think Putin is the man :) and plus their culture is nothing like the mad Arab culture
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      Tactical Investor in reply toqvasko 15(Show commentHide comment)
      qvasko 2015, I have friends in Eastern Ukraine, Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe who has travelled to some of these places. If you book them properly, they are not expensive, and the cost of living and hotels is at least 50% less than in Turkey. Service in Asia is unbelievable makes Turkish service seem like Crap. I know I have been to Turkey, South America, several parts of Asia, all over the U.S, Europe, et. for service Asia is number one. TOp places with great service are Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam is not bad, and again the cost of living and hotels, etc. is dirt cheap.
    • qvasko 15in reply toTactical Investor (Show commentHide comment)
      , How much does the airplane service cost t there?
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      Its a fact that which hotel starts to attract Russians, lose other Western European tourist. Western Europeans do not like staying at resorts who attract too many Russians. So them losing cheap destinations like Turkish and Egypt , is good for those countries, who can now try to make their countries safe enough for British, German, French and other Westerners.
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      Excellent choices Mr Putin. I like China, Cuba,Vietnam.

      Its better to be a tourist in countries that share the same aspirations against terrorism. Its lot safer and reassuring this way.
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      Tactical Investor
      There are many places Russians can visit. Even Indonesia is a very nice place to visit. Ten times better than Turkey, much safer, people friendlier and its cheap. Yes, I know you will say its Muslim, but Asian Muslims are not like their middle east counterparts. Service here is geat also, Then there is South America, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru is all great places to visit. Cuba is cheap and nice but out of bounds for Americans maybe that is why its still a nice place to visit.

      Problem with China is the pollution.
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