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    With the ongoing saga surrounding whether British Daesh defectors should be allowed to return to the UK whipping the country into a frenzied debate, the same issues are also present mainland Europe, where radicalisation of Muslim youth, is just as big of; if not more of a problem.

    Do these young jihadis deserve a chance of redemption, or now that they have made their bed, should they lie in it? Sputnik spoke with media personality Katie Hopkins for more…

    Sputnik: Should jihadis be allowed back into Europe?

    Katie Hopkins: It's one of those crazy things here in the UK. Whatever the wrong decision is; we seem to take it, and particularly the lefties, who say that she deserves sympathy, and that even if you haven't got sympathy for her, you should have sympathy for her child, and that she should be given the right to come back and rehabilitate herself.

    Then of course you've got another whole branch of people saying that we could learn so much from her, and our own counter extremism experts from the UK widely quoted across the left wing press saying that absolutely she should come home, otherwise more may be radicalised, and I don't know how they work that out.

    The country is up in arms because we are about to make a fundamentally stupid decision and let her home.

    Sputnik: What has caused the rise of radical Islam in Europe?

    Katie Hopkins: I think it is a product of so many things. There's an attention seeking that we've bred amongst our young people, desperation to be doing something, where you are the ultimate victim or making the ultimate sacrifice.

    I think certainly the jihadis that managed to recruit these girls worked in a similar way to how the grooming gangs operate, which is that they are very sophisticated and very clever, and we underestimate them and how they are networked, and are able to lure their victims in.

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    I think also there's real need for certain people to feel like they belong, and when they feel like they don't belong; either in their school or their home, or their town, they try to belong to something else and in this particular example of course, that's been trying to belong to Daesh*.

    Most importantly; is that we just aren't tough enough. This is another great example of where we have the opportunity to make an example of this girl, that she will pay the price for her decisions, and that Britain stands tall and says no, we will absolutely not allow you to come back, you don't deserve your British nationality.

    Of course; the other thing happens where you have her lawyer and all of the morning TV programmes saying that actually, she is the victim, she deserves sympathy and she should very much be treated like soldiers were in World War One, where they were forced into a fight they didn't want to be part of.

    It's that sense that this country will always cow down to the people who've wished us harm, that's been particularly upsetting, particularly for the mothers of for example, the Manchester arena attack, and this really spits straight in the face of mothers that have lost their children because of the attacks that we face in the UK.

    Sputnik: Has the west been too accommodating of Islam?

    Katie Hopkins: It's one of those curious things isn't it; this bizarre need that we have across the whole of Europe, to tiptoe around these cultures that wish to join us. We never stand up for the culture they've chosen to join.

    It's one of those remarkable questions that I can never get an answer to; which is; if Islam is so fantastic, then why do Muslims always seem to migrate or gravitate towards Christian countries?

    At which point of course they have no sense of wishing to fit in; in fact surveys have demonstrated very acutely, that their absolute wish is not to fit in, not to become part of the western culture they've chosen to join, but to remain abstract, and to remain separate.

    It's so frustrating I think. Of course; Western Europe in particular has been absolutely outrageous with its willingness to completely be taken over by Islam, and I think that the positive I could bring, and the optimism I have is with people like Salvini, who have stopped the boats coming across the Mediterranean.

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    You have the Freedom Party who are fighting back against the Islamist occasion of our cultures, and of course if we look to Eastern Europe; to Poland and Hungary, they simply aren't having any of it, they are very clear, Christian culture, and we're defending Christian culture.

    I think that's why you're seeing many Brits now looking at making a move with their families towards Eastern Europe, I think that will be the next migration we see.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    * Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State) is a terrorist group banned in Russia

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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