12:34 GMT27 November 2020
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    A video produced by the now-defunct video comedy website Super Deluxe caught the attention of US comedian and commentator Jimmy Dore last week, who was flabbergasted by the breathlessness of the mainstream media’s coverage of Russiagate over the past two years.

    The video begins with news clips from February 2017, when US President Donald Trump had been in office for less than a month.

    If the mainstream media is to be believed, bombshells started dropping on the White House as the first lady was still picking out the drapes. At some point in February of that year, there was a "turning point" in the Trump administration, one pundit proclaimed. A series of other "turning points" followed in the ensuing months, which were then succeeded by more bombshells and proclamations that "the walls are closing in" on Trump's administration.

    ​By April 2017, it was already the "beginning of the end for the Trump presidency," according to MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell.

    "None of them are embarrassed," Dore said of the establishment commentariat's two-plus year foray into a 24-hour-a-day fake news narrative. "None of them are embarrassed. None of them are ridiculed. None of them are called ‘conspiracy theorists.' None of them. You know why?" Dore asks.

    "Because they're the establishment doing it. But [if] you say one thing against this, they literally — if you debunk this conspiracy theory, they'll literally call you a conspiracy theorist for not buying into this," Dore said. "That's how effed up this is."

    The video Dore picked up on was published in mid-October, so well-intentioned readers may wonder whether the mainstream media has cut back on the "bombshells" since the video makers at Super Deluxe dropped one of their own on the mainstream media's coverage.

    The answer is no — some US media publications simply cannot let Russiagate go, even as establishment outlet National Public Radio conceded over the weekend that special counsel Robert Mueller's case "looks weaker than ever."

    In the era of Russiagate, anything goes in the media, and the fake news phenomenon isn't limited to cable news or radio; print is equally, shall we say, compromised. To confirm that fundamental truth of the times, one needn't look further back than a New York Magazine piece from July that questioned whether the commander in chief had been a "Russian Asset Since 1997."

    Even now, the media's "bombshells" (read: "duds") continue to drop. Forbes on Sunday published a piece entitled "Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump," which claims that the special counsel probe is looking into "arguably the worst set of crimes against the United States in its history" that were committed by Trump and his inner circles.

    It sounds like big news until you examine the details and realize it isn't, which is more or less the story of Russiagate in its entirety.

    An actual information graphic published by Forbes inside it's article entitled Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump.
    An actual information graphic published by Forbes inside it's article entitled "Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump."

    Mueller has indicted dozens of people since taking over the FBI's Russia probe in May 2017 and has even secured guilty pleas from the highest echelons of the Trump Organization and the Trump campaign. However, none of those criminal allegations or admissions have yet had anything to do with collusion with the Russian government.

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