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    US Politician: Constitution is Box of Granted Powers the Feds Cannot Get Out Of

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    The United States held its midterms on Tuesday. According to the latest media reports, Democrats so far have a 220-193 lead in the lower house of Congress, while 218 seats are needed to secure a majority. Republicans will continue to be in control of the Senate after expanding their majority.

    Some prominent watchdogs and experts have forecasted that the new US legislature's split could impede Trump's controversial foreign and domestic policies. Meanwhile, some analysts predict the vast US bureaucratic machine could face growing challenges with each new proposed bill.

    Sputnik spoke to John Webb, a Republican candidate for Missouri's 4th Congressional District in the US House, for more insight on the issue.

    Sputnik: You were a candidate for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, how would you explain your loss?

    John Webb: I was going against my party’s incumbent, she is very well funded and known. Taking down an incumbent is always difficult, because of name recognition.

    I have never held office before so my name is entirely unknown. The area to cover is 24 counties 22,000 square miles and about 650 miles to drive around the outside perimeter of that area, it is very large area to cover. That being said: She spent $538,000 and got 75,274 votes. I spent $5,000 and got about 26,813 votes.

    Sputnik: During your campaign you spoke against the impact government has on individuals and businesses and proposed limiting it. Why do you think limitation is needed?

    John Webb: We have a constitution, it only grants very limited power to restrict the federal government. [If you do not limit the power of government, what are the limits to the power of government?] Tyranny comes when government has no limits.

    Our Constitution was actually created to restrict the government not for the government to restrict the people! Our Constitution is a box of granted powers the federal government cannot get out of. They have gotten out of the box because we have not “done our job”, of keeping them in the box, and obeying the constitution.

    It is believed that a limited government that for the most part only does things the states cannot address well is best. The federal government’s main job is to protect the states from invaders and to deal with other countries with a united front. Keeping the federal government from growing beyond its’ intended purposes, leaving the states and the people to handle their own affairs is one of our most important principle. It was once said “governments that govern least governs best”.

    A thought is that the highest level of government and furthest away should have the least amount of power, to keep it from getting tyrannical by keeping it from getting more power. The next level of government, states, would then have a little more power but also limited. The next level more powers, county, then city.

    The closer to the people the more power might be extended. This would hopefully make the government closest to the people more controllable by the people, because it is closer. But ideally governments are there only to protect us from harm not rule to over us. We the people are to be able to live our lives free, unencumbered and unrestricted by any government. The people create and rule the governments. The destany of our people should be in their own hands.

    Sputnik: Despite the Democrats taking control of the House, many experts have pointed out that there was no ‘Blue Wave’ as Democrats have failed to take congressional districts. How significant is this win for the party?

    John Webb: We have failed to educate our people of the proper role of government. They do not understand what is at risk. My personal opinion is that very likely much of the gains is from fraudulent voting practices of the Democrats.

    If you talk to the people and ask what they believe in it is not what the Democrats stand for however Many people have been blinded by the propaganda machines of the Democrats.

    I can see no good coming from the Democrats controlling the house.

    It will be troublesome. Rush this morning, he had a different perspective. Many old blue republicans including the speaker who stepped down because they believed the blue wave story and did not want to be a minority.  Many of those seats were won by Democrats.  Most of the Republican seats replaced by Democrats were Republicans who did not support Trump.  Rush looks like it as a clean up of the Republican party and the Democrats who won will have to cooperate or they may be gone in 2 years.

    Sputnik: The US President has called the midterms a success. Do you agree with that? Why? How do they compare to the elections in 2010 and 2014 under then President Obama?

    John Webb: The people’s reaction to Obama in 2010 and 2014 were tidal waves of republicans taking offices. That is not what happened here. They did gain seats, how?  $s, perhaps fraud and a fooled public.

    Sputnik: President Trump has attempted to step up on immigration laws and increase border security. How feasible is this now with Congress forming?

    John Webb: If he enforces the laws we have, it is very doable. If he stands strong using our laws it can be done.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of John Webb and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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