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    ‘Dems Don’t Seem to Have Real Connection to American Citizens’ - Analyst

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    Republicans have maintained control of the Senate while Democrats secured a majority of seats in the House of Representative as the United States voted in the midterm election.

    Radio Sputnik discussed the midterms with Scott Bennett, Ph.D. former U.S Army Psychological Warfare Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Analyst, and former Bush Administration Official. He is now a writer and speaker on American Intelligence, Military, and Political Matters.

    Sputnik: President Trump, of course, has been speaking about new reforms, again from Healthcare to securing the border even canceling birthright citizenships. A lot of that was rhetoric, some, perhaps, not. How likely in your opinion is he to carry all of this out?

    Scott Bennet: Well, he can essentially do everything by executive order which is the President's power to write law and issue an executive order can only be overturned by the Congress and the Senate. If the House did become Democrat, it still would not have the political majority to overthrow, overturn any executive order that the President issues. So, he is essentially not going to be humbled through his executive decisions. And the issues that he raises really are rhetoric but they are also fundamental because they've had a negative fundamental effect on the country.

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    The Healthcare Reform Act which Obama put in the place really is being recognized as one of the worst acts of legislation ever passed because it's (has) cost high amounts of money, it's canceled people's original healthcare plans that they had before. And it really had one objective and that is to socialize medicine under government control and that was always very-very repulsive to Americans based on our whole disposition of government. The birthright citizenship is another major travesty because the US Constitution does not give citizenship to illegal aliens.

    People that are in the country illegally are in a fundamental state of war and conflict with the laws of the nation, therefore, they can't be given a benefit by the nation. They can't be given citizenship and that's been perverted and misconstrued for (say/think) over a hundred years and that's never been raised to the Supreme Court.

    Well, with Brett Kavanaugh on the court I suspect that the President could make an executive order canceling the birthrate citizenship as a corruption of the Constitution and recognizing that only people that are here legally have a right to become citizens and only if there one parent is a citizen. So, these are just clarifying issues that the President will call. Now, what (that) upsets the Democrats because they rely on illegal aliens and minorities and that for the voting bloc. They really are the party of the mob and the party of anarchy and thuggishness and their actions are proving that every day.

    Sputnik: Many see the midterm election as a kind of a referendum on Trump's presidency then observes the saying that the political affiliations during the midterms could influence the outcome of the Presidential elections in the US in 2020. What is your stance regarding this?

    Scott Bennet: Well, I think if the Democrats did win the House and they became very negative and hostile and obstructionist and threatened impeachment and did really foolish things such as trying to impeach Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court of Justice, he's already been in… who already has been confirmed that all of his sexual allegation accusers were liars and propagandists that are most likely gonna be put in jail. If the Democrats double down on this hostility it would simply show the American people that they really are a mentally unbalanced and violent in their heart people and their political party is a reflection of violence and anti-American sentiment, and they would (be) re removed after two years. And that would embolden President Trump.

    It would strengthen his 2020 election campaign by simply allowing him to point the finger at the Democrats and say ‘you elected these people in (into) the Congress and look what they have done!' They've done nothing but scream and yell and burn things and destroy things and trying to let every immigrant, every migrant from Central and South America in here illegally. They try to change the demographics of America.

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    They try to give them power to vote so that they could have America run by the mob, run by the tyranny of the ignorant. And no American wants that, that's why I think it will not change and the Democrats won't be allowed in. But if it did, they would simply of two years where you would hope that they would adopt a new philosophy.

    You would hope that they would say ‘we are going to be the party of peace. We are gonna force the President out of Afghanistan, out of Syria, out of any conflict with Russia and Iran'. You would hope that they would have a complete rebirth in their philosophy to make them more attractive again but they won't because it's not in their nature. They will guarantee double down with hostility and anger and resentment because they're narcissistic in their heart(s). They are very-very prideful and chest-thumping and they don't seem to have a real connection sensitivity to the American citizen. It's all about power to them.

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