20:45 GMT25 September 2020
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    NATO hasn’t changed much since its inception and it is now expanding east, moving closer to Russia’s borders, a Czech politician said.

    The United States plans to build military infrastructure in the Czech Republic and four other European countries, RT reported, citing pertinent documents released by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

    In an interview with Sputnik, former Communist MP and member of the parliament’s defense committee Stanislav Mackovík said that NATO had earlier paid for the upgrade of a number of military facilities in the Czech Republic, “mostly airports capable of handling NATO planes.”

    When asked what he thought about the planned creation of US military infrastructure in five European countries, including the Czech Republic,

    Stanislav Mackovik said that it was very much possible given NATO’s recent statements.

    “When they failed to set up a radar unit here, they decided to build a number of small bases and modernize our road infrastructure with an eye to increasing the load-carrying capacity of our bridges,” he noted.

    He added that even though the Czech armed forces are part of NATO, the alliance wants a permanent presence in the country to use local military bases to enhance its operational capability.

    “NATO’s doctrine remains largely unchanged since its inception. By the early 1990s its main forces were deployed in West Germany. The military giant is now moving east thus leaving Russia less time for a retaliatory strike in the event of a war. Therefore the Czech Republic’s geographic location is seen by NATO planners as very important,” he said.

    He added that part of the Czech population would welcome the Americans’ decision to build their military infrastructure in the country.

    “Suffice it to see which politicians they vote for. All will depend on how this will be presented in the media and who will be making the decisions. The right-wingers’ double standard view on our history is a shame. On the one hand, they condemn the events of August 1968, while on the other, they see nothing wrong in US and NATO bombings of sovereign states without any authorization by the UN.”

    He added that people will not be told that it is a nuclear shelter or a military airfield that is being built. The authors of this idea will say that the money will be spent on dual-purpose infrastructure, mainly peaceful, that could also be used for military purposes.

    “Who is against repairing bridges, roads and railways? My fear is that many people will enjoy modernization, keep silent and even support this. Since the Czech Republic joined NATO, the alliance has helped finance 28 such projects at bases in Caslavi and Namesti to the tune of three billion crowns,” Stanislav Mackovík noted.

    According to him, the Czech Air Force has only 14 supersonic fighters. In 2019 the Pentagon wants to line up about $830 million as part of its allied support program to “contain Russia.”

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    According to RT, Prague will face a great deal of pressure to accept the Pentagon’s plans.

    When asked whether the American pressure may be stronger than in the case of the planned radar installation in Brdy military district, Stanislav Mackovík said that it surely would, but in a way that would try to avoid causing public discontent.

    “We had several military columns passing by from Germany. Such things are not very much in media focus now as the sight of foreign troop movements in our country is a routine thing these days,” Stanislav Mackovík noted.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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