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    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer concludes his daily briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S. on June 20, 2017.

    Spicer’s Departure Likely to Help Trump Present Message

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    The stormy resignation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer and the appointment of financier Anthony Scaramucci to run White House communications is likely to benefit President Donald Trump, analysts told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Spicer said he resigned Trump because of his disagreement with the administration's decision to appoint Scaramucci as a new communications director. Spicer will continue serving as the White House press secretary through August.


    Scaramucci, a veteran Wall Street executive and media financial analyst made an impressive debut before the US media on Friday, foreign affairs analyst and political commentator Dan Lazare said on Friday.

    "It's impossible to predict what impact Anthony Scaramucci will have. I watched a bit of his press conference today and was impressed by how he handled himself: Definitely smoother, more articulate, and more self-confident than Spicer," he said.

    On June 26, 2017, three network investigative journalists: Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris, resigned from CNN over a retracted Trump-Russia story that connected Scaramucci to a $10 billion Russian investment fund.

    The network apologized to Scaramucci and stated the online story did not meet their editorial standards. Scaramucci said the original story was not true, and accepted CNN's apology. CNN stated that the investigation found the story "wasn’t solid enough" for publication.

    Lazare said Scaramucci’s vindication in that affair and his subsequent White House appointment offered him and Trump an opportunity to turn the tables on the mainstream US media that have aggressively criticized and investigated the president since he took power.

    "The public is losing patience with this Russiagate nonsense, so if Scaramucci is smart, he'll realize that now is the time to go on the offensive," Lazare said.

    However, Lazare cautioned that trump’s outspoken nature and was likely to generate new rows and controversies that would continue to embrace and embroil him.

    "Trump is such an unguided missile that he's bound to get himself in trouble somewhere else — most likely in the Middle East where things are already falling apart due to mounting instability in Saudi Arabia," he cautioned.

    Dealing with the current crisis in the Persian Gulf would provide a challenging test to assess Scaramucci’s command of the issues and his skill at presenting the administration’s policies to the public, Lazare predicted.

    "The Persian Gulf is the big leagues, so we'll all have an opportunity to see how well Scaramucci performs," he said.


    George Mason University School of Law Professor Francis Buckley told Sputnik any changes would be in style rather than substance.

    Buckley said Scaramucci should not be expected to have a significant impact on major policies and that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had already established herself as superior to Spicer in briefing reporters.

    "No change. Scaramucci won’t shape policy. Sanders is a good spokesman," he said.

    Sanders has been confirmed as the next White House press secretary.

    Scaramucci, 53 is an American entrepreneur, financier, political figure, and author. In June 2017 he became a senior vice president and chief strategy officer at the US Export-Import Bank.

    Following the 2016 election, Scaramucci served on Trump’s Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.

    From 1989 to 1996 Scaramucci held senior positions at the Goldman Sachs investment firm on Wall Street. In 2005, he founded the global investment firm SkyBridge Capital and sold the company in early 2017 to take a role in the Trump administration.

    Scaramucci also previously served as host of the financial television show "Wall Street Week" and was a contributor to Fox News.


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