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‘Fire Marketing & PR’: Louis Vuitton in Crosshairs For Jewelry ‘Supporting’ Russian Ukraine Op

© Photo : YouTube/Louis Vuitton LV Volt Collection | LOUIS VUITTON
LV Volt Collection | LOUIS VUITTON - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.03.2022
Since Russia began its operation to de-Nazify and demilitarise Ukraine on 24 February to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics after the Kiev regime escalated attacks on them, the meaning of letters seen on Russia's military hardware was clarified by the Russian Defence Ministry as Z "for victory" and V for "strength in truth".
French fashion house Louis Vuitton (LV) has triggered backlash on social media for “supporting” Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine after it presented its new jewellery collection.
The new LV Volt Jewelry Campaign has been touting an assortment of graphic pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Central to each unisex piece is the intertwining design of the LV initials. According to LV, they have been crafted into these pieces to offer the wearer a metaphoric reminder of “life’s inherent movement and energy.”
However, after the fine accessories were posted on the company’s official *Instagram account (A social network banned in Russia), the comments section under the photo of the jewellery store were split in their take on the collection.
© Photo : Russian Ministry of DefenceInstagram screenshot
Instagram screenshot - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.03.2022
Instagram screenshot
Many users ripped into the fashion house for expressing its support of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, as the images in the jewelry collection feature the symbols “V” and “Z”.
In this handout video grab released by the Russian Defence Ministry, a helicopter is loaded onto a transport plane heading to Nagorno-Karabakh, at an airport in Moscow region, Russia - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.03.2022
Russian MoD Explains Meaning of Letters on Military Equipment Used in Special Op in Ukraine
These enigmatic letters recently became synonymous with the Russian operation in Ukraine, as military vehicles engaged in it often feature the marks.
Z is "for victory", V means "strength in truth" and "the task will be completed," the Russian Defence Ministry has since explained in a statement on social media.
© Photo : Russian Ministry of DefenceInstagram screenshot
Instagram screenshot - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.03.2022
Instagram screenshot
The fashion house was quick to explain that the Louis Vuitton Volt collection uses the “company initials”, “pulsing with energy”.
However, some comments found use of the letters inappropriate while Russia was carrying out its operation.
One user suggested the company “fire marketing & pr responsible for this,” adding that after that they might “donate their salaries to Ukraine.”
Some emphatically commented that they would “never buy LV again.”
The thread of comments also included those that lauded the “best design ever” also reading into the symbols as “support for special operation.”
However, others pointed out that if you look closely you can “discern LV in Z”, while also wondering “what the sales figures are gonna look like.”
Even more discerning social media users reminded those blaming the company that “campaigns and new collections are made like one year prior to release date”, so the “offensive” symbols or letters could hardly be linked to the current timeline of events in Ukraine.
Ivan Kuliak - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.03.2022
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Russian users offered a dose of wry humour, as they suggested authors of the angrier posts take care of their “mental health” as they were likely imagining things and seeing Russia’s tactical symbols everywhere.
Still other comments voiced kudos, to the “best collection ever !!! Very energetic!!!”
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a special operation in Ukraine on 24 February, aimed at "de-Nazifying and demilitarising" Kiev. The goal was also to protect the residents of two breakaway regions, the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and their predominantly Russian-speaking population, which has faced continued attacks and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.
Since then, the US, and its NATO and EU allies have begun to funnel massive amounts of equipment into Ukraine while targeting Moscow with sanctions. Accordingly, French holding company LVMH, which manages the brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, Loewe, Fendi, Bulgari, Guerlain, closed the stores of these brands in early March and stopped selling in Russia due to events in Ukraine.
* Instagram is banned in Russia for terrorist activity
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