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Man Finds Unconventional Solution to UK Petrol Crisis… by Riding a Horse – Video

© REUTERSA UK petrol station without fuel
A UK petrol station without fuel - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.10.2021
Panic buying, massive queues at petrol stations, and blocked roads across the United Kingdom have led some motorists to say sardonically that buying a horse and carriage seems like a viable idea. One man appears to have taken the remark literally…
According to a popular quote, the best way to deal with problems is to smile at them. One can’t say that the prank below has solved the petrol crisis in the United Kingdom, but it did make it less sombre. A young man named Gus mounted a horse to mock fellow Britons who have been queuing up in droves at fuel stations. A video posted on his Instagram shows him approaching a station on the animal while singing:

“Queuing for petrol, but I’m on a horse. I’m on a horse, I don’t need petrol, cos he runs on carrots”.

The video instantly went viral and received thousands of comments, some of which rivalled the author of the video in terms of humour.

"Why the long face", wrote one user.

"What, couldn’t’ afford Ford Mustang", wrote another.

Still a third wrote: "Yo, how much horsepower dose that thing have".

The petrol crisis in the United Kingdom was caused by a shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers, which subsequently led to issues with fuel supply. The government of Boris Johnson has blamed the shortage of fuel on motorists who created panic by rushing to stations to stock up on petrol and thus put additional pressure on the supply system. Motorists, in their turn, blamed the government for causing the panic.

The fuel crisis has affected other industries, prompting disruption of deliveries to supermarkets and fast food chains. Thus, as attractive as dealing with the crisis by riding on a horse might seem, it may not be a viable solution as Brits may as well face a shortage of carrots…
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