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German Man Asked to Remove Wooden Statue on Dad's Grave Over Complaints it Resembled Hitler

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Christian cross - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.07.2021
A post-mortem drama erupted in Germany’s Weil im Schönbuch municipality in mid-July when a son decided to commemorate his dad, who died in 2013, with a wooden graveyard statue.
A German man was asked by the authorities to remove a graveyard statue of his deceased dad following complaints that the wooden figure reminded passersby of Adolf Hitler, Bild reveals.
Oliver, 51, wanted to honour his father Ewald E. with a football jersey-wearing statue sporting a thin moustache. 
After the statue appeared in a cemetery in mid-July, complaints started to pour into the mayor's office in Weil im Schönbuch.
Mayor Wolfgang Lahl told Bild that “within a few days” he received “half a dozen” calls from concerned citizens.
The statue was also engraved with the number 88 – a symbol used by white supremacists as a code for “Heil Hilter,” as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. However, Oliver says the tombstone had nothing to do with Nazism; his lawyer explained to Bild that the street number of Oliver's father's house was  88 and that he worked for a football club for 30 years, hence the number and jersey. 
The shocked man was forced to remove the statue after the authorities launched a review into the suspected use of Nazi symbols, which is illegal in Germany unless used for historical or educational purposes.
“Mr E. is not a Nazi,” Oliver’s lawyer assured.
The man may now have to erect the figure in his front yard instead.
Many social media users who have seen the photo of the figure are surprised, saying they can't see the Hitler resemblance.  
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