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Live Updates: Mishustin Asks to Prepare All Documents to Implement Goals Outlined in Putin's Address

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the country's parliament on 15 January, during which he proposed that the lower house choose the candidate for prime minister instead of just approving the president's choice. The proposal was made after the resignation of the Russian government.

Mikhail Mishustin, nominated by Russian President Vladimir Putin for prime minister, has called to prepare all the documents necessary to implement the goals outlined in Putin's address.

"Yesterday's address must be perceived, first of all, as a programme of social justice based on our traditional values, addressed to people, to their most pressing problems. In first place is concern for children, families, their prosperity and improving their quality of life. Thanks to macroeconomic stability and a surplus budget, we have financial resources to implement all the tasks set by the president, starting in January this year", Mishustin said.

The Russian PM nominee has also said that Russia has all the sources to solve the tasks set by Vladimir Putin.

President-elect Vladimir Putin, center, enters St Andrew Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace during the inauguration ceremony. File photo - Sputnik International
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On 15 January, Medvedev informed President Vladimir Putin that the entire government was stepping down. The announcement followed Putin's annual address to the parliament, during which the president voiced, among other things, initiatives to expand the parliament's powers in appointing members of the cabinet.

The Kremlin’s press service subsequently announced that Putin had submitted the candidacy of the head of Russia's Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Mishustin, as the new prime minister for consideration by the lower house of parliament.

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14:30 GMT 16.01.2020

"Regarding the meeting between the deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council and the Russian prime minister, it will be held in the Russian Government House tomorrow", the Cabinet said.

13:24 GMT 16.01.2020

"I think that an understanding [of the new government] will arise in the coming days, we consulted today with all parties", Mishustin said.

13:05 GMT 16.01.2020

“Dear State Duma lawmakers, I want to once again thank the president of the Russian Federation, you for your support, for the fact that today we very seriously and thoroughly discussed all the areas of concern for you. I promise, I give my word here that I said: we will to keep in touch with the Duma and with factions and committees in order to verify our course and determine what we are doing", Mishustin said.

He vowed to report to the lower house in April about the new government's policies.

12:24 GMT 16.01.2020

Mishustin noted that implementation of initiatives voiced by Putin will require approximately 4 trillion roubles ($650 million) over four years.

When asked by lawmakers where the government planned to take funds to implement the provisions Putin expressed during his address to parliament, Mishustin said 25 days were being given to consider amendments to the budget code.

“Today I held all consultations with [acting] Finance Minister Anton Siluanov”, he said.

12:21 GMT 16.01.2020

"Today, enough reserves have been created … this is a very important factor for further development and to facilitate GDP growth, it is necessary to stimulate investment growth", Mishustin said, answering a question by a lawmaker regarding the budgetary concerns of the ambitious programmes.

12:11 GMT 16.01.2020

"Under conditions of stabilising the state defence situation, it is especially important to improve, and normalise the financial situation of defence organisations, actively diversify defence industry enterprises and increase the output of civilian high-tech products", Mishustin said.

Mishustin has called for the effective use of the capabilities and resources provided by national projects to increase labour productivity, support exports, and develop small businesses, "in order to create modern, competitive enterprises in industry, agriculture, and other industries, whose products will be in demand in the domestic and the global market”.
"The funds allocated for national projects should work primarily in the Russian economy, go to the development of domestic high-tech industries", he stressed.

12:08 GMT 16.01.2020

"If you back my candidacy, I will focus on the new composition of the Russian Federation's government close partnership with State Duma lawmakers, factions and the Federation Council. I want to assure you that all members of the government will be personally responsible for fulfilling national development goals", Mishustin noted.

He also expressed the belief that the government should always bear in mind its accountability before the people.

"Open and constructive criticism helps us work better", Mishustin added.

12:07 GMT 16.01.2020

"At the same time, we need to immediately and efficiently prepare all legislative acts that are necessary, and on which work will be carried out", he said at a plenary meeting of Russia's State Duma.

He stated that the government should understand its accountability and welcome straightforward criticism.

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