Merry 'Bloody Christmas': Venezuela Uncovers Guaido's Plot to Provoke US Intervention

Venezuela reported on 22 December that at least one of its servicemen was killed in an attack on a military unit by unidentified gunmen. The latter reportedly sought to rob an ammunition depot, but ultimately failed, with some of them ending up detained by Caracas' forces.

Venezuelan Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez has reported that investigators have uncovered a plot organised by a group loyal to opposition leader Juan Guaido and involving the governments of Peru and Brazil. According to Rodriguez, the plot, called "Bloody Christmas", suggested attacks on several military units across Venezuela.

In addition to this, the minister said that the members of "Guaido's group" were planning to shoot down a Colombian Air Force plane using missiles stolen from the Venezuelan military in a staged false-flag attack on the country's neighbour. The plotters allegedly planned to thereby give the US a pretext to start a "war" with Venezuela.

Rodriguez stated that some of the missiles and assault weapons stolen by the plotters have been recovered, but others remain in the hands of those who are still at large. According to him, a total of 9 RPG rocket launchers were stolen, though it's unknown how many have been returned.

Attack on Ammunition Depot

Earlier, on 23 December, Venezuelan authorities reported that one soldier was killed as a result of the assault on one of the country's military units by unknown assailants, which sought to rob an ammunition store. After the attack was repelled, Venezuelan authorities managed to capture some of the gunmen.

An investigation has been started into the incident, but it is not immediately clear who orchestrated the attack.

Venezuela's opposition leader and self proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido, center, speaks during a meeting with oil workers at the Metropolitan University of Caracas, Venezuela, Friday, May 3, 2019 - Sputnik International
Trump Losing Confidence in Guaido's Bid to Oust Venezuela's Maduro, Mulls New Strategies – Reports

Back in April 2019, Venezuela experienced an unsuccessful coup attempt organised by opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido. The latter appealed to the country's military to stand against democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro, although only a few of them heeded the call, resulting in the coup's failure. Guaido has since then fled abroad along with some of his supporters.

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