Consultancy Firm Finds No Conclusive Proof of Russian Involvement in 'NHS Sale' Leak - Report

Commenting on the NHS leak, the social media research group that investigated it claimed that the real question is not who disseminated the leaked documents, but who leaked them in the first place.

Following the reveal made by the British Labour Party who recently published leaked government documents showing that Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Cabinet had allegedly negotiated the "sale" of the country's National Health System to the United States, a social media research company called Graphika published a 19-page report detailing their investigation of the leak.

According to The Guardian, a report released by the company states that they "could not conclusively prove a Russian origin to the leak", noting, however, that the leak was apparently promoted online via methods matching those of “Secondary Infektion", an alleged "Russian operation" that was exposed by Facebook earlier this year.

"What we are saying is that the initial efforts to amplify the NHS leak closely resembles techniques used by Secondary Infektion in the past, a known Russian operation. But we do not have all the data that allows us to make a final determination in this case", the firm's head of investigations Ben Nimmo explained.

The company's report claimed that the leaked NHS documents were apparently posted on the same websites that were used by the Secondary Infektion for its activities, and were disseminated via "single-use burner accounts", just like the latter group allegedly did, with Graphika describing it as "a strong behavioural parallel".

"The most pressing question is not who was behind the dissemination operation, but how the unredacted documents ended up in their hands in the first place," Graphika's report states.

Meanwhile, Labour Party representatives pointed out that while some argue about the source of the leak, no one seems to doubt the authenticity of the leaked documents in question.

"These documents reveal the plot against our NHS. And, of course, neither the UK nor the US government have denied their authenticity. Given what they reveal, it’s not surprising that there are attempts to muddy the waters to cover up what has been exposed," a party spokesman said.
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