Boyfriend of 'Miss Hitler' Had Mein Kampf 'Wedding Edition' - UK Court

© AP Photo / Matthias BalkDifferent editions of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" are on display at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich
Different editions of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf are on display at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich - Sputnik International
A suspected member of the outlawed National Action is said to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Alice Cutter, who earlier made headlines for allegedly signing up for a "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant under the nickname "Buchenwald Princess".

Mark Jones, an alleged member of the banned extremist group National Action, owned a special "wedding edition" of Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf, Birmingham Crown Court has heard, according to The Independent.

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Jones reportedly once wrote that he had paid "a lot" for the copy of Mein Kampf; he and his partner, Alice Cutter, who was reported to have taken part in the "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant under the alias "Buchenwald Princess", have denied being members of the outlawed National Action.

During the trial of two other suspected members of the organisation, Garry Jack and Connor Scothern, on Wednesday, jurors heard that Jones and Cutter allegedly discussed the aqcuisition of another book in an online chat group back in February 2017.

"£50 for a book. F**k me. What are you actually getting for 50? I paid a lot for an original wedding edition of Mein Kampf with NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers Party] application form in the back but that's a rarity. I would not pay that much for normal books", Jones, under the username Grandaddy Terror, supposedly wrote.

Court - Sputnik International
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After a police officer read out the chat group messages in court, jurors were shown a photograph of a masked man alleged to be Jones holding a copy of Mein Kampf.

It is also suspected that Cutter messaged Jones to ask him to return home to "make sure everything is wiped" when the government announced a ban on National Action in 2016 after it backed the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox.

The ongoing court case is seeing four people being tried over the same hate speech charges, including Cutter, Jones, Jack, and Scothern, with all four defendants denying the accusations, as well as being part of National Action in violation of the 2016 ban.

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