France Tests New Anti-Tank Missile in Arctic Conditions (VIDEO)

© MBDA / YouTubeVideo of MMP's testing.
Video of MMP's testing. - Sputnik International
The French military began deploying the man-portable weapon in 2017, with plans to equip the French Armed Forces with some 400 launchers and 1,950 missiles by 2025.

European missile maker MBDA has released a video showing its new 'Missile Moyenne Portee' (MMP) anti-tank weapon in action against a fast-moving light vehicle, an armoured unit and a makeshift fortification in Arctic conditions.

The field testing, conducted by the French Army, which took place at the Vidsel firing range in northern Sweden, was undertaken to test the system's effectiveness in temperatures between —15 and —30 degrees, and was deemed "a complete success" by the manufacturer.

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The MMP is touted as a 5th-generation man-portable anti-tank guided missile which can also be used against enemy strongpoints and improvised armour in French and NATO counterinsurgency operations.

In a press statement, MBDA said that testing had "confirmed the robustness of the equipment used in extreme conditions of negative temperatures," and complemented earlier weather testing in extreme heat in Djibouti last year.

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