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© REUTERS / Toby MelvilleA demonstrator holds EU and Union flags during an anti-Brexit protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, December 17, 2018
A demonstrator holds EU and Union flags during an anti-Brexit protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, December 17, 2018 - Sputnik International
It is apt that Boris Johnson is making a key note speech or leadership bid at a JCB digger factory today because this country is in a hole and we need to stop our useless politicians digging.

Alternatively, we should make the hole even bigger and bury the whole blooming bunch of these self-serving pigs and start again.

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They say a week in politics is a long time but this Brexit week has been like a lifetime and a sick version of Groundhog Day.

An anti-Brexit protester walks outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain January 17, 2019 - Sputnik International
UK House Speaker May Be Denied Lordship Over Brexit Debate Vote - Reports
We the British people made our decision on the EU two and half years ago and the clowns in Westminster have done everything to thwart us leaving ever since. This week was just the final act in this tragicomedy of epic proportions.

Make no mistake the fault for this mess lies with our politicians not the people. They asked us a question and we gave them an answer, all 17.4 million of us. They have failed to deliver.

Cameron started the rot when he ran away and resigned when he didn't get the answer he and Obama and their Globalist banking mates wanted. Then Theresa May proved she couldn't negotiate her way out of a cul-de-sac by removing the threat of just walking away from the EU much too early in the negotiations.

So, this is how we ended up this week with MPs falling over themselves to vote against May's terrible deal and then expending even more energy to get in front of the tv cameras to bore us with their opinions and motives.

The next day they then repeated this exercise but only to vote tribally for their party in the confidence vote!

So now we end up with this charade of Theresa May "listening" to a succession of self-important fools. She hasn't listened to the masses so what makes anyone think this deluded woman is going to listen to Chuka, Benn or Cable? This is just an attempt to save her own job not the country.

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Corbyn is refusing to take part unless the threat of no deal is removed, once again proving he does not know where he stands on the EU. He talks about "no deal" as if it is something that gets stuck to your shoe. He is not alone as the MSM all seem to think the same.

Just how has the term "no deal" has become so toxic is beyond me. The mainstream media and Westminster elite are trying to portray the argument as if it is a binary choice between accepting May's deal or "crashing out of the EU". They have completely bought, or been "bought off" by this negative argument about our great country's future outside of the EU.

a British flag is blown by the wind near to Big Ben's clock tower in front of the UK Houses of Parliament in central London - Sputnik International
Some UK Ministers May Quit If Made to Vote Down Par't Brexit Control - Lawmaker
Well I for one don't buy it and never will. I believe we can survive, keep our £39 Billion, walk away and trade with the world. I have never accepted the lies of Operation Fear and I have faith in this country and I am clearly not alone.

According to a poll in today's Sun many ordinary brits agree with me as nearly two thirds would vote leave again and almost half want no deal and over 70 percent say there should NOT be a second referendum.

This poll is in stark opposition to the clap trap we have heard from those who are meant to serve us.

I have watched and listened all week and I have often felt that I am living in a pararell universe to MP's. This is the heart of the problem this country is facing.

The Westminster bubble and their MSM mates are completely disconnected to the masses in the country and this is why I welcome Boris Johnson's intervention today.

Of course, his speech is about his ambition to be PM but there is also a massive dollop of common sense when he says "now is the time to use Brexit to unite the UK" and that the Government need to focus on the "issues that drove Brexit".

He is clearly talking about immigration, tax, housing and employment and he is in tune with many Brits who voted for Brexit.

Boris is correct to say that there is a widening gap between London and our leaders and the rest of the Country and the poll in today's Sun seem to back this up.

I agree with Nigel Farage who said this week that if we replaced Theresa May with a Brexiteer Prime Minister we would get what we voted for, our country back.

We need a leader who instead of seeing no deal as a swear word actually uses it as a real threat to the EU.

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We need to give the dictators of Brussels a real taste of their own Operation Fear. Imagine their reaction if we said that's it we are off? They would panic and immediately offer us a better deal, they would have no choice. Frictionless trade, traffic jams and chaos can happen on both sides of the channel.

British voters in the EU referendum. - Sputnik International
2nd Referendum Can't Be Re-Run of 2016 Vote - Corbyn Amid Brexit Chaos
This is why May must go and this pantomime must stop and stop now. She is a failure, she has failed and the first crushing defeat this week in the Commons proved it. But this will not happen as proved by the second vote this week where it wasn't really a vote of no confidence in her but rather a vote of no confidence in the alternative, a general election and Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

I repeat it is not too late we just need a couple of leaders to find a backbone.

However, instead it looks like Article 50 will be extended and as a result we will never get out of the EU. There is no other way to describe this but betrayal, a betrayal of the people by the elite and it must be stopped.

I have been saying for ages we need Boris in Number 10 backed up by Mogg as chancellor with the support of David Davies and I have also been pushing for Nigel Farage, who now says he wants to return to frontline politics to save Brexit, needs to be involved too.

Let's hope today's speech by Boris is the beginning of the fightback. We dug for victory before now it is time for all of us, the people to once again to dig in and get our victory.

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