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Stunning Russia-Born Show Star Sets Pulses Racing With Bikini Before-After Snaps

Dasha Gaivoronski, a reality show starlet of Russian descent, gained excess weight when she was locked away at the Bachelor mansion, but regular workouts and a return to her normal lifestyle have apparently worked wonders, judging by the dazzling snapshots on Dasha’s Instagram page.

On Monday, the Bachelor reality show participant revealed on Instagram that she had gone down 10 kilos in just ten weeks since leaving the mansion, where the human interest show is shot.

It turns out the 32-year-old mom of a son Leon was so discontent with her previous 65 kilo frame that she dared to embark on a sweeping body transformation.

In a Tuesday Instagram post, the bombshell shared her thoughts on health and looks in comments below a collage of “before” and “after” snaps.

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Here I am.. 😶 Feeling as exposed as ever but I know it might help a lot of you girls ❤️ There has been a particular message floating around social media for a while lately along the lines 'it`s not about how you look it`s all about how you feel'. Well I`m not sure about the others but HOW I FEEL totally depends on HOW I LOOK and I`m ready to see some comments trying to prove me wrong but I promised that I`ll be 💯% transparent and honest with you all on my page 👐🏽 And we are all entitled to different opinions after all, that`s completely fine🤷🏽‍♀️. When I look at the photo on the left I want to cry because it brings so many vivid memories of how I felt back then. I felt extremely guilty for being such a mess and not fulfilling my role as being the best example for my little mister 😭 I`m so thankful my mum was here in Australia and supported me all the way through this rough patch 🙌🏼 As I am one very stubborn and determined Russian it took me 10 weeks to get to what you see on the right photo 👉🏽 It`s crazy how even your face changes, I instantly smile like an idiot when I look at this happy grin.. Anyways.. Of course it wasn`t all roses 😏There were some days I was waking up and didn`t want to move or thought that whatever I`m doing doesn`t bring the results as quickly as I want and I’d break down in mum’s arms. But I kept reminding myself that it took me some time to gain that weight and likewise it will take a fare bit of time to shed it. So patience and consistency are the two most frequently used words when it comes to your transformation journey.. ❤️ Leave ANY questions you might have in regards to this below in comments and I will ANSWER them tomorrow in a LIVE video I`ll be doing at ‪8PM‬ AEST time ❤️. 〰️UPD — my height is 172cm 〰️. Русская версия в комментариях 👇🏽😘 #transformationtuesday

Публикация от Dasha Gaivoronski (@dashbody_) 2 Окт 2018 в 3:18 PDT

“There has been a particular message floating around social media for a while lately along the lines of ‘it's not about how you look it`s all about how you feel’," she began, adding that although she can’t speak for others, “how I feel totally depends on how I look,” she concluded.

Referring to her previous weight, the Russian-born Instagram and reality show diva said:

“When I look at the photo on the left I want to cry because it brings so many vivid memories of how I felt back then,” she remarked.

“I felt extremely guilty for being such a mess and not fulfilling my role as being the best example for my little mister,” the stunning long-haired brunette added, calling the weight loss her “biggest transformation so far.”

The beauty attracts arrays of admiring comments on Instagram, where she regularly posts casual, everyday snaps, thereby documenting the happiest moments of her and her son’s lives.

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👩🏽‍🍳When you take your timtam obsession to the next level, bake a timtam cheesecake and just stand there thinking whether to eat one piece or three 🧐🤔🤣 Please don`t laugh but what I did: I baked the actual cheesecake using low fat cream cheese, stevia etc. I mean — low calorie cheesecake, right? 🤷🏽‍♀️ In my head I was thinking it will perfectly balance out all the timtams that go with it 👍🏽🍫 🔴THE RECIPE 🔴 👩🏽‍🍳For the base: 🔺300gr non sweetened plain crackers 🔺1 cup crunchy peanut butter 🔺3 tbs coconut oil 🔺pinch of salt 👩🏽‍🍳For the cheesecake filling: 🔺750gr low fat philadelphia cream cheese (room temperature — that`s important) 🔺3 eggs 🔺150gr lite sour cream  vanilla extract 🔺1/2 cup powdered stevia  timtams cut in little pieces (optional) 👩🏽‍🍳Method: 🔻Line the bottom of a springform with parchment paper and turn the oven on 160C 🔻Blitz base ingredients in a blender and press evenly into the form using the tablespoon to form a base 🔻In the meantime in a food processor (or using a hand mixer) mix all the filling ingredients 🔻Pour the mixture over the cheesecake base  At this point you can add little tim tam chunks inside the cheesecake! 🔻Bake on 160C for one hour 🔻Don`t open the oven when it`s done — otherwise the cheesecake cracks 🔻Wait till it cools down 🔻Refrigerate overnight and decorate with whipped cream and timtams 🤪 P.S Can you spot an outfit difference between the first and second photo? 😁 Whoever does that gets lots of likes from me 😛❤️.. 👩🏽‍🍳Когда ты выводишь свою любовь к тимтамам на новый уровень и готовишь тамтам чизкейк🤤 Стою вот думаю сколько кусков съесть — один или три 🧐🤔🤣 Не смейтесь, но я сделала сам чизкейк супер низкокалорийным, думая, что это отличная идея, чтобы оттенить все калории, содержащиеся в тимтамах 🤷🏽‍♀️ Рецепт в комментариях! #homemade #cheesecake #timtamfreak

Публикация от Dasha Gaivoronski (@dashbody_) 21 Авг 2018 в 2:53 PDT

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‘What is mine is mine and what’s yours is mine also’. No it’s not my relationship outlook it’s my 5 year old’s world perception 😝 Fare enough when I eat all the chocolates and dinosaurs from the party mix but when I drink my ‘adult’ bcaas, shakes and trying to enjoy a @womensbest protein cookie… 🤔 He just ripped it out of my hand and had the first bite 😬 #whataman. ‘Что моё — моё, а что твоё — это тоже моё’. Нет, это не то, какими я вижу идеальные отношения😆 Это то, как видит мир мой 5летний мужчина 😬 Понятное дело, когда я ем наши любимые шоколадки и мармеладных динозавров, но протеиновые шейки, бца то? Пыталась вот в покое насладиться протеиновой @womensbest печенькой, но нет же, вырвал из рук, чтобы первым попробовать 🤪 На самом деле, он хороший мальчик конечно и понимает без слов, что можно, а что нельзя. У меня есть особый красноречивый взгляд для таких случаев, это такой, когда даже говорить ничего не надо 😈 #womensbest

Публикация от Dasha Gaivoronski (@dashbody_) 29 Авг 2018 в 3:11 PDT

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