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Eye Candy: Unusual Double Rainbow Hangs Over Moscow (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A rare and rather spectacular natural phenomenon has captivated Russian Instagram: an unusually bright double rainbow hung over the city for quite a while Tuesday.

Of course, a double rainbow is not a unique phenomenon, but it's actually pretty rare. It's caused by  a double-reflection of sunlight inside raindrops.

Look how bright it is! In fact, the outer bow is always fainter than the inner one.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing is that the outer bow always has an inverted color pattern.

A double rainbow is considered a sign of good luck and is recognized as a wish-granter, just like shooting stars; unlike shooting stars, however, this one gives you a plenty of time to come up with a wish!

We hear it's LGBTQ Pride month in the US. Sorry, guys, eat your hearts out.



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