Female UFC Fighter Roasted on Twitter for Defending Husband Over Swastika Tattoo

As UFC flyweight Andrea Lee tweeted a series of pictures from a family day at a lake on Saturday, some watchful eyes on social media noticed a swastika tattoo on her husband’s left arm.

Having realized that the ink might be seen, Lee cropped the image, leaving it on her social media accounts without a view of her husband’s, Donny Aaron, arm but it was too late – some managed to take screenshots, saving the initial snap.

Addressing the offensive tattoo, Lee wrote in a tweet – which has since been removed – that Aaron got it when he was in prison, adding that neither of them is racist.

Aaron, who appears to be his wife’s coach, also tweeted that he would get it covered or removed if possible:

Her tweet has spurred massive backlash on the social media platform, with many saying that Aaron could have covered the tattoo if he wanted to:

At the same time, there were those who said that Aaron deserves a second chance:

Upon realizing that her initial reaction may have been deemed offensive, Lee published a full apology…

…as well as Aaron, who tried to convey the message to his followers that a “20-year-old-mistake” doesn’t define him and that he’s a different man now than he was in his twenties:

Many, however, continued denouncing Lee and her husband, saying that actions speak louder than words:

Some accepted Aaron’s explanation, saying that everyone has a past:

Andrea Lee is the No. 12 ranked worldwide female flyweight contender with a 9-2 record. In her last fight at a UFC Fight Night on May 19, she won a unanimous points decision over Veronica Macedo.

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