Swedish Liberals Want to Dissolve Their Country in European Superstate

© REUTERS / Bob Strong/File PhotoSweden's flag is seen near the Stockholm Cathedral in Gamla Stan or the Old Town district of Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden's flag is seen near the Stockholm Cathedral in Gamla Stan or the Old Town district of Stockholm, Sweden - Sputnik International
Sweden will be abolished as a sovereign nation state and become part of the US-like European Federation ruled from Brussels. Well, at least if the Nordic nation's Liberal Party has its way.

At its recent national meeting, Sweden's Liberal Party adopted a landmark proposal to step up work for the European Union to become a federation steered from Brussels. Should this scheme be implemented in full, Sweden will cease to exist as an independent state, ceding its sovereignty to a supranational entity.

The proposal was submitted by the Liberal youth wing (LUF). In the motion called "It's time for a federation," the party pledged to push the European Union, at present still a conglomerate of independent nations, becoming a federation.

A woman holding a European flag and a Swedish flag - Sputnik International
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According to the motion, the European Federation will be something similar to the US, having its own president and a two-chamber parliament. Needless to say, the future EU will also have the right to choose member states' foreign and security policy, as well as its currency, and financial and environmental policy.

On social media, many high-profile Liberals rejoiced at the proposal.

"The Liberals have now made the decision to work for the EU to become a federation! Finally!!!!," MEP Cecilia Wikström tweeted.

​LUF spokeswoman Simona Mohamsson minced no words either.

"Best and most liberal decision ever taken at party convention. The Liberals are now for a United States of Europe," Mohamsson tweeted.

​The proposal was also hailed by LUF Stockholm chair Saga Bowallius.

​LUF President Joar Forssell noted in an opinion piece earlier this year that an EU Federation would have many advantages. For instance, it could force "rebel" countries like Hungary to accept more immigrants, he argued.

"Removing some of the power from individual governments is not a question of reducing people's influence, on the contrary, it's about making the EU more democratic," Forssell wrote in Uppsala Nya Tidning.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden - Sputnik International
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Earlier this year, the LUF triggered nationwide attention with a series of tweets showcasing the party's stance on crucial issues. By its own admission, the LUF supported "reckless mass immigration" and proposed automatically dishing out citizenship to all children born in Sweden. On a more peculiar note, the LUF advocated polygamy, which it described as "quantity-neutral marriage," as well as necrophilia, incest and "children's porn in cartoon form." Perhaps somewhat ironically, the demand to federalize the EU was among these proposals.

The Liberals, formerly known as the People's Party, is a center-right party, whose official ideology has always been social liberalism. It recent decades, it has been pushing for NATO membership and joining the Eurozone. In the 2014 general election, it harvested 5.4 percent of the vote, becoming the country's seventh largest party.

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