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Iran Sees Daesh as 'Hornet's Nest Project Devised by Washington and Riyadh'

Commenting to the recent remarks of Iran's Chief of Staff of Armed Forces spokesman, who said that the US and Saudi Arabia are directing, guiding and supporting acts of terror by the terrorist group Daesh, Iranian political analysts told Sputnik that it is a long-known fact which was revealed long ago.

“The Daesh terrorist group is affiliated with the US and Saudi Arabia and carries out terrorist measures under the direction, guidance and support of these two countries,” Iranian Press TV broadcaster quoted Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri as saying on Tuesday.

In this Tuesday, April 7, 2015, file photo released by the semi-official Fars News Agency, Iranian warship Alborz, foreground, prepares before leaving Iran's waters, at the Strait of Hormuz - Sputnik International
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“Today, we are witnessing the destructive effects of state terrorism, which is promoted by Saudi Arabia and the US as well as some reactionary countries in the region, in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen and other countries, including some European states,” the Iranian commander said.

Sputnik Persian interviewed a number of Iranian political analysts who said that there is nothing sensational in the remark of Massoud Jazayeri and reminded that the US openly encourages the recruitment of the Saudi nationals studying in the US to fight alongside Daesh (ISIS).

The political analysts referred to the report “From American College Campuses to ISIS Camps: How Hundreds of Saudis Joined ISIS in the US”, which has been recently released by the Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA) based in Washington, D.C.

The investigation found that approximately 400 Saudi and Kuwaiti citizens who were living in the United States, most of whom were studying abroad on Saudi government-issued scholarships, later left to join terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS) and al-Nusra. Many of them are US-Saudi dual citizens who were born in the US while their parents studied abroad.

World cities. Tehran - Sputnik International
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There is evidence that both Saudi and US officials knew of this issue for some time, but refused to do anything about it.

Iranian political analyst and expert in American studies Ali Reza Rezakhah told Sputnik Persian that the US intelligence services close their eyes to the facts of feeding Daesh with Saudi recruits within the limits of their Hornet's Nest Project, earlier revealed by Edward Snowden.

According to this project, US, UK and Israel joined their efforts to “create a terrorist organization capable of centralizing all extremist actions across the world.”

According to the revelation, the project was code-named Beehive — or in other translations, Hornet's Nest — and it was devised to protect Israel from security threats by diverting attention to the newly manufactured regional enemy: ISIS (Daesh).

"There is no sensation in Jazayeri's words. There is a direct link between Saudi Arabia and terrorist organizations operating in the region," Rezakhah told Sputnik.

"This fact can't be denied. It is revealed in the extremist ideology pursued by Daesh. Moreover, extremism is an official religious ideology of Saudi Arabia which it tries to spread even outside of the Islam world," the expert added.

On the other hand, he said, Saudi Arabia is a tool with which the US is implementing it ambitious intentions by nurturing terrorists all over the world. To be a puppeteer of the terrorist groups is part of the so-called "national security strategy" pursued by the US, the Iranian political analyst said.

Under such a scenario, the Saudis act as a source of terrorists whom they pump up with the ideology of  Wahabiism, extremism and terror, which was once actively supported by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the expert said.

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