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The Naked Truth: London’s First Pop Up Nude Restaurant Opens

© Photo : PixabayA woman eating an apple
A woman eating an apple - Sputnik International
London gets its first clothing-optional restaurant and 40,000 people can’t wait.

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For the brave ones among us, if you like to eat food and like being naked, this restaurant is for you. It's intended to be the first naked restaurant dining experience, where clothing is optional, and you will have to leave your mobile phone in the cloak room, along with your cloak. Technology is not permitted in the dining area, for obvious reasons, and, for some, this may seem more extreme than being naked. 

The Bunyadi will open in June and diners are granted access on a first-come-first-served basis. The wait list stands at over 40,000 and for those who wish to try the food without having to expose themselves, there will be a section for those who wish to keep their clothes on.

​Charles Walker, one of the managers of the restaurant, believes people will buy into the concept. He suggested that even those who are prudish like the idea.

"The amazing thing is, you are not forced to be naked, there is no pressure and it's about choice and freedom. It's an event and experience but the theme runs through, with some incredible food," Charles Walker told Sputnik.

The 40,000 waiting people suggests to Walker that theme restaurants are the future. "It's not just the fact that  you can have steak and chips naked, but it's that you can have raw, organic food and the foundation is about the company and the experience. It's not about status. It's all about people enjoying things that are out of the ordinary and people want more," Charles Walker told Sputnik.

​As you enter the restaurant you are ushered into a changing room to take off your clothes and put on robes. Once fully-robed, you walk into a dimly lit dining area and wait to be seated, at this moment you feast on several healthy, highly organic dishes, while feasting your eyes on the ambience, and pretend not to watch as guests around you de-robe in candlelight.

© SputnikCandles are the only light in clothing-optional restaurant in London
Candles are the only light in clothing-optional restaurant in London - Sputnik International
Candles are the only light in clothing-optional restaurant in London

Owner Sebastian Lyall offers that good food and no devices will be the secret to success in his restaurant. Hopefully the thermostat will be set at a comfortable level.

"This is a step towards showing people that being naked is normal. People who are really interested will come, and, for my next venture, I plan to take this to Paris and show that this concept really works," Mr Lyall told Sputnik.

© SputnikClothes are optional in the new restaurant in London
Clothes are optional in the new restaurant in London - Sputnik International
Clothes are optional in the new restaurant in London
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