Female Draft Eligibility Proves US Disrespects Liberty - Ron Paul

© Flickr / Gage SkidmoreFollowing last week's deadly attacks in Paris, former Congress Ron Paul questioned the United States' foreign policy, treatment of whistleblowers, and anti-terrorism surveillance programs.
Following last week's deadly attacks in Paris, former Congress Ron Paul questioned the United States' foreign policy, treatment of whistleblowers, and anti-terrorism surveillance programs. - Sputnik International
As the US Congress approves a measure that requires women to register with Selective Service, former presidential hopeful Ron Paul points out that, while the move may seem like a vote for gender equality, it actually just makes the entire US population eligible for military draft.

"The amendment is a response to the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat," Paul writes for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, referring to the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the House Armed Services Committee last week.

"Supporters of drafting women point out that the ban on women in combat was the reason the Supreme Court upheld a male-only draft. Therefore, they argue, it is only logical to now force women to register for Selective Service."

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But Paul points out that most of those who opposed including women in the draft were not opposed on grounds of equality, but because the entire notion of the Selective Service should be questioned.

"Few, if any, in Congress are questioning the morality, constitutionality, and necessity of Selective Service registration," he writes. "Thus, this debate is just another example of how few of our so-called 'representatives' actually care about our liberty."

While proponents of the military draft justify it as a way to "give back" to the country, Paul argues that "those who make this argument are embracing the collectivist premise that since our rights come from the government, the government can take away those rights when it suits their purposes."

"Thus supporters of the draft are turning their backs on the Declaration of Independence."

Despite the fact that many prominent American conservatives oppose the draft, abolishing Selective Service registration is now seen primarily as a progressive cause.

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"Unfortunately, the militarism that has led so many conservatives astray in foreign policy has also turned many of them into supporters of mandatory Selective Service registration," Paul writes.

"Yet many of these same conservatives strongly and correctly oppose mandatory gun registration," he states, adding, "In a free society you should never have to register your child or your gun."

Other draft proponents argue that forcing the populace to register with the military would "cause a mass uprising against the warfare state."

"This argument ignores that fact that it took several years and the deaths of thousands of American draftees for the anti-Vietnam War movement to succeed," he said.

Proponents suggest that drafting women will cause another anti-war movement.

"But does anyone think the government would draft mothers with young children?" Paul writes.

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"Reinstating the draft will not diminish the war party’s influence as long as the people continue to believe the war propaganda fed to them by the military-industrial complex’s media echo chamber."

Rather than including more people in Selective Service registration, Paul suggests that the US should abandon it all together.

"A military draft is one of – if not the – worst violations of individual rights committed by modern governments. The draft can also facilitate the growth of the warfare state by lowering the cost of militarism," Paul says.

"All those who value peace, prosperity, and liberty must place opposition to the draft at the top of their agenda."

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