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New Electronics to Turn Yak-130 Jet Into Deadly War Machine

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YAK-130 - Sputnik International
An advanced radio-radar system and a new optical target-acquiring and navigation complex are in development for the Russian Yakovlev Yak-130 jet fighter/trainer, KRET Company reported on Thursday.

The new equipment will allow the aircraft to attack targets beyond the operational area of enemy air-defense systems.

"Despite the fact that the Yak-130 is a small aircraft, when updated it is expected to be successfully used in a number of combat missions which traditionally involve assault fighters and fourth-generation multirole jets," KRET CEO Vladimir Mikheev said.

"At the same time, the Yak-130 will be less costly in operation and simpler in deployment and maintenance. The new advanced systems would allow the aircraft to attack ground and aerial targets from beyond the hitting area of enemy air-defenses," he explained.

YAK-130, International Air Show MAKS-2009 - Sputnik International
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KRET is avidly involved in the development of a new assault jet fighter on the Yak-130 platform.

"The new radar system will operate in connection with the cutting-edge computing combat processor device. Together with the newly-developed target acquiring system, the Yak-130 will be able to carry a number of high-precision modern weapons, including the Vikhr-M anti-tank missile, R-73E, Kh-29L and Kh-25MS guided missiles as well as other medium-range weapons," the company told RIA Novosti.

According to Mikheev, "all of the above would make the combat capabilities of the Yak-130 close to the specs of the Su-25SM assault fighter."

The Yak-130 is a new-generation two-seat jet fighter/trainer designed for training and combat missions. The aircraft can operate under any weather conditions and hit aerial and ground targets. In its technical and combat capabilities, the Yak-130 can match modern jet fighters, especially at subsonic speeds. The aircraft is also simple in maintenance and can operate at unprepared airfields.

© SputnikYak-130 pilot training aircraft
Yak-130 pilot training aircraft - Sputnik International
Yak-130 pilot training aircraft
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