16:11 GMT15 January 2021
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    The obscure monoliths, often engraved with cryptic messages, are usually discovered in remote places, with many of them disappearing without a trace within a few days.

    Yet another "alien" monolith was found, this time in the Canadian city of Toronto, according to CTV News. The 3.5-metre-high (11.5 feet) object allegedly appeared near Lake Ontario on New Year's Eve. The structure remains there, however, it was vandalised within 24 hours of discovery, as someone sprayed it with red and black paint.

    Monoliths started appearing across the world earlier this year; the first was found in the American state of Utah. Since then, similar objects have been discovered in over thirty different places around the world, including Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Spain, and Poland.

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