22:58 GMT04 August 2020
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    Earlier, Moscow rejected US Navy complaints about a Russian Su-27 intercepting a US Navy EP-3 spy plane in an "unsafe manner."

    US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert has accused Russia of acting "recklessly in international airspace" over the Black Sea and called on Moscow to "cease its unsafe, irresponsible, and aggressive behavior" in a tweet Thursday morning.

    The November 5 incident in question saw a Russian Su-27 fighter intercept and accompany the US Navy EP-3 in the Black Sea to prevent it from violating Russian airspace. The Navy later complained about the intercept, alleging that the Russian plane of "putting at risk pilots and crew" of the US plane and saying it did nothing to "provoke this Russian activity."

    Russia observed at least four US spy planes and surveillance drones operating along Russia's borders on November 5, with another two flying near Russian bases in western Syria.

    The State Department spokeswoman's odd choice of words about Russian "aggression" in the Black Sea, thousands of miles from the US, led to some interesting responses to her tweet.


    Russian Su-27 Intercepts US Navy Spy Aircraft Over Black Sea (VIDEO)
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