02:36 GMT01 August 2021
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    Earlier, Tehran refuted Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET)'s allegations that Iranian intelligence officers were plotting an assassination of an Iranian separatist group official on the Danish soil.

    Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Denmark's envoy in Teheran, who lodged a formal protest regarding announcements about an Iranian Secret Service operation in the Nordic state, the ministry's official representative Bahram Ghasemi said.

    "This morning, Denmark's envoy to Tehran had a meeting with the head of the First Department for Northern Europe, during which the ambassador has heard a protest regarding precipitated political reaction of several Danish politicians and media in connection to the detention of a person with Norwegian and Iranian citizenships on suspicion of plotting a manslaughter in Denmark," Ghasemi noted.

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    On Tuesday, Danish media reported, citing the country's Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen, that Copenhagen had recalled the Danish ambassador to Iran for consultations following the accusations.

    Earlier, Danish police announced the arrest of a Norwegian citizen with an Iranian background in connection with an alleged Iranian Intelligence attack on an individual in Denmark. At the same time, Norwegian police confirmed they were assisting Danish law enforcement on the issue. 

    Tehran, in its turn, rejected statements made by the head of the PET about the illegal activities of Iranian intelligence services in Denmark. 


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