16:43 GMT18 February 2020
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    The irate Canadian resident's move deeply surprised a woman living nearby, who argued he could have discussed the issue with her before taking such extraordinary measures.

    An angry man annoyed by leaves that had fallen into his garden from his neighbor's trees decided to throw them back, according to the Daily Mail.

    The incident took place in Alberta, Canada.

    The man dropping leaves over the fence into his neighbors' yard was caught on video by those same neighbors whose leaves bothered him so much.

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    Answering the question by a woman on what he was doing, he explained his actions by the fact that the leaves "fall on his property," apparently implying that they do not belong to him.

    "He said that my leaves were falling in to his yard," a woman named Karolina Pawlikowski told the Story Trender. "I told him that it takes more energy to throw them over the fence then to clean them up in to a garbage bag."

    Then, she reportedly offered him help, but the angry neighbor rejected it.

    "I even offered to give him a garbage bag, and told him that if he would've talked to me about it that I would've sent my children over there to clean up the leaves, to which he answered that he doesn't want my garbage bags or children over in his yard," the woman said.

    She then called him "an idiot" for his behavior, saying that it would have made more sense if he had discussed with her the existing problem.


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