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    Justin Trudeau, MP

    Superhero Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau Gets Animated

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    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got the superhero treatment when animators placed him on the alternative cover of an upcoming Marvel comic book.

    The cover for "Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5," shows the leader of the Liberal Party seated in the corner of a boxing ring, wearing a Canadian flag tank top. His trademark shoulder tattoo, based on the art of indigenous Haida artist Robert Davidson, is on display, and he wears a confident smile. 

    In his corner is the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. This group includes Puck, a man who can manipulate his genetic structure, Aurora, who has the power of flight, superhuman reflexes, and speed, and Sasquatch, a hairy man beast of such strength that he once held his own in a fight against the Incredible Hulk. 

    A disapproving Iron Man folds his arms his arms in the background.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Marvel comic cover
    © Photo : Ramon Perez
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Marvel comic cover

    The cover was drawn by artist Ramon Perez while writer Chip Zdarsky wrote the story. The plot revolves around a conflict between Iron Man and Captain Marvel. Alpha Flight, meanwhile, decides to leave Earth to join Captain Marvel’s global defense program, which is based in space. 

    "The story revolves around an ethical dilemma," Zdarsky said, explaining that Alpha Flight must decide how to properly use the powers of Ulysses, a new character who can "predict [future] disasters."

    The writer said that precognitive abilities "can be flawed and abused," so the hero team seeks the counsel of their "old boss," the media-friendly Prime Minister.

    Trudeau’s office has neither praised nor condemned the cover, and Zdarsky didn’t want to speculate on his opinion. 

    "In some ways, it’s easier to put words in Iron Man’s mouth than a sitting prime minister," he said. 

    Appearing in Marvel Comics has become something of a family tradition for the Trudeaus. Justin’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, also had a cameo in a 1979 Alpha Flight comic, where he ordered the trio to capture Wolverine, who had defected from Alpha Flight to join the X-Men.


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