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    A forecast by the US-based geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor on Moscow and Kiev arriving at consensus is bound to come true, according to political analyst Vsevolod Veselov

    Stratfor's Optimistic Prediction on Russia-Ukraine Ties 'May Come True'

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    A forecast published by the US-based geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor that Moscow and Kiev will arrive at a consensus is bound to come true, according to political analyst Vsevolod Veselov.

    In an interview with Sputnik, political analyst Vsevolod Veselov said that a forecast published by Stratfor's founder George Friedman on fence-mending between Moscow and Kiev is very likely to come true.

    Even though the forecast is vague and does not contain any concrete dates, there's a good chance it will come to fruition, according to Veselov.

    "There are quite a few chances that the situation will develop in a positive way. It's most likely that the situation will move in the direction of the Ukrainian conflict being frozen," Veselov said.

    At the same time, he warned that the possibility of the Ukrainian authorities engaging in unexpected or inappropriate activity  may finally lead to uncertainty.

    According to Veselov, Friedman is right in saying that Europe will be glad to see the restoration of ties between Russia and Ukraine.

    "European business in recent years was widely represented in Russia, but now the projects have been scrapped. Everyone would like to return to the large Russian market and develop these projects," Veselov said.

    Earlier, Friedman expressed confidence that Russia "will agree to a settlement on Ukraine, whether formal or informal."

    He also voiced hope that "although the structure of the agreement is unclear, the [Russian-Ukrainian] conflict will be diffused."

    "American allies bordering Russia will fear a compromise with Russia on Ukraine could be a preface to a Russian-dominated Ukraine. However, Germany will be delighted to have the additional fear of a confrontation to its east eliminated," Fiedman said.

    Kiev, the US and many European countries have repeatedly blamed Moscow for backing the supporters of eastern Ukraine's Donbass region — accusations Russia vehemently rejects.


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