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    Houthi militants gather on the rubble of the offices of the education ministry's workers union, destroyed by Saudi-led air strikes, in Yemen's northwestern city of Amran August 19, 2015

    US Government Needs New Broom to Sweep Out Saudi Sympathizers

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    Top US government officials including CIA chief John Brennan are amenable to the Saudi regime and Muslim Brotherhood, making them obstacles to progressive US policy in the Middle East, international affairs journalist Wayne Madsen told Sputnik.

    US President Barack Obama needs to take the necessary steps to clear out officials in his administration with links to Islamic extremism, including CIA director John Brennan, intelligence and international affairs journalist Wayne Madsen told Sputnik.

    ​"This guy Brennan is playing footsie with the Turks, and the al-Nusra Front and other jihadist forces in Syria and Iraq, and as long as he is in his present position, we're going to have this muddled policy," said Madsen, who accuses the CIA director of also having sympathies towards the Saudi regime, the Al Thani ruling clique in Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Though Obama talks of the US leading a 65 nation coalition against Daesh, in practice its members are not those whose contribution is most effective in fighting the terrorists, said Madsen.

    "He's not talking about the real coalition members, and that's the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, the government in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon. They're the people who've been fighting against ISIS, Daesh in Syria, they're the real coalition we should be supporting."

    "Turkey is really a radicalized member of NATO that is supporting the jihadists in Syria and Iraq," he says, and through its support of Turkey, the US supports Turkmen terrorists in Syria, said Madsen.

    "The question is, are American parents and spouses willing to have their loved ones die for the radical agenda of Erdogan in Turkey?"

    In addition to Brennan, Madsen named Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and National Security Advisor Susan Rice as advisors who are also guilty of confusing US policy on terrorism.

    "These are some of the things that Obama needs to do in his final year in office."

    Saudi Arabia's influence on the US is demonstrated by Washington's backing of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, "committing war crimes on a daily basis with a wink and a nod, if not outright support from the US," said Madsen, who also expressed his concern that as a result, elements of the conflict in Syria will spread to Libya, and contribute to instability there.

    "Now we see the Daesh people now setting up shop in eastern Libya, so this is going to play out all over again, and the US continues to take its lead from the Saudis, who helped foment that insurrection against Gaddafi, causing Libya to become a failed state."

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