17:31 GMT +328 February 2017
    Russian airstrikes on the Daesh oil refineries

    Main Illegal Oil Transportation Routes Located on Turkey-Syria Border

    Russian Defence Ministry
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    Russian Defense Ministry has presented photos of oil delivery convoys at Syria-Turkey border, the head of the Russian General Staff’s operative command said.

    The general staff has irrefutable evidence on Turkey's involvement in illegal oil trade. Moscow has called on Turkey to open access to the places where, according to the retrieved Russian intel, Daesh oil trade centers are located:

    "If there is nothing there — then the territories in question should be inspected," the Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov stressed. 

    "We have identified three main oil routes," the head of the Russian General Staff’s operative command Sergei Rudskoy said. 

    A map, presented by the Russian Defense Ministry last week, showing the three main routes of the alleged oil smuggling operations from Syria and Iraq into Turkey.
    © Photo: Youtube / RT
    A map, presented by the Russian Defense Ministry last week, showing the three main routes of the alleged oil smuggling operations from Syria and Iraq into Turkey.

    The western route leads to the Turkish ports in the Mediterranean, the northern — to Patma oil refinery, and the eastern — to Cazri transfer point.  

    The ministry provided photographs of columns of oil fuel tankers on the Turkish-Syrian border. Fuel tankers with oil freely cross the border between Turkey and Iraq, according to Russia's General Staff. 

    "Space recoinassance established that after crossing the border tanker trucks move further into Turkey," Rudskoy said. Then the oil is being delivered to third countries.

    The oil from Daesh-controlled areas in Syria is being shipped to third countries for processing after having been transported to Turkey, the head of the Russian General Staff's operative command noted.  

    "According to the most modest estimates, the terrorists' revenues from criminal [oil] business stood at no less than $3 million per day. After our airstrikes, the revenues went down to $1.5 million per day," Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy told reporters.    

    Russian Defense Ministry's information on Daesh oil trucks in Syria will be made publicly available online.

    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has evidence that its Su-24 was shot down by Turkish forces on the Syrian border in order to protect oil deliveries from Daesh to Turkey, and that oil from Daesh-controlled fields is being exported to Turkey on an industrial scale. 

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan vehemently denied the allegations, vowing that if evidence does surface, he will resign from the presidency.   


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    • This border is transparent for the turks..or erdogan thinks that all the North of Syria belongs to turkey..
    • Mikhas
      Except an almost total death silence on this issue in western corporate and state-controlled media, expect something big to happen next, a false flag of sorts.

      The US will do anything to take the heat off the medieval Turks coming from these revelations. Potentially the lead also goes to Qatar and Saudi Barbaria.
    • DR. EVIL
      hardly to prove whats in side of trucks as we can see these are not fuel tanks but regular cargo trucks but they could be loaded with oil also -tradeing with isis is also illegal
    • avatar
      The main cinicism will come soon with CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle, El Pais. Le Monde, etc. They will say what american ideologists tell them. No more no less. See how slow they with publishing this kind of info. Poor EU and US citizens they are treated by their elites as stupid anymals..
    • avatar
      Brilliant of the Russian administrastion! I look forward to the next the put on the table. I see here the mainstream media are confused and dont know what leg to stand on. Still they are russofobe, but I see the start of change. Western mainstream media has conducted the biggest brainwash campaigne since the cold war, against russia. The whole thing looks like a poor realityshow, with bad actors. Stand behind Putin and his crew, and help us in europe to beat the two evis : Mainstream media lies and branwashing. And ISIL:
    • Neochrome
      If the West has shown this kind of evidence about Russian troops and equipment entering Novorussia discussion on what the facts are would be over. My bet is that the West will refuse to accept the truth about Turkey as pig-headed as they try to pin "aggression" against Ukraine on Russia.
    • avatar
      pachozdin reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
    • Neochromein reply topachozd(Show commentHide comment)
      Let's all pretend that the West didn't know for years about those oil trucks going to Turkey and Turkish money going to ISIS...
    • avatar
      Whole world would breathe a sigh of relieve if this the show of this hard evidence will mark the fall of Erdogan.
    • My GⓄⓄgle
      Lol. So for Erdogan, the integrity of that border is important only when dealing with flying objects. Russia should put this to the test. They should paint the word ISIS on the side of their trucks and have Russian soldiers drive them into Turkey. They'll probably get standing ovations by the Turkish border "guards".
    • Terrain reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Well said!
    • avatar
      Turkey a nato partner and ally of the terrorist American government. Are we to believe that the criminal American government was unaware of this? Turkey is directly supporting Isis yet nato is still shipping arms to Turkey. Is all of nato supporting Isis?
    • avatar
      in reply toru8626006(Show commentHide comment)
      ru8626006, That's right. The weasel-like Herbert over there at France24 news seems to think that there is no proof that there is oil being stolen from Syria being driven up to Turkey and He wants the Russians to resign. HA!
    • choticastile
      When Putin spoke his words meting out the truth in front of the whole global community, as always, Russia already had all the necessary evidence, damning Erdogan and his gov's shameless and full complicity in the oil theft -- which must have been going on for years.
      Trouble is, the leaders of the western world, will not hear -- not even when evidence stares them in the face, as they believe, that the cesspool they swim around in, is the only reality. Always think how GW Bush said, the war in Iraq will pay for itself ... But of course its delivering massive riches to him and his ilk, while Americans have had to pay for all this while Iraq and Syria have been robbed blind!

      However, the good news, which although it may take time to sink in, is that many nations, hitherto unaware of just how filthy dirty the western world's schemes are, now have eyes opened. There is ever more hope for a better, more honest world, thanks to Putin and Russia!
    • avatar
      Tactical Investor
      bomb all the routes leading to turkey and that will end the oil trade. More importantly knock out all the oil wells so there is nothing to transport
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