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    Sinai Peninsula

    US Satellite Detects Flash Over Sinai as Russian Airliner Crashed

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    Russia's Worst Air Accident: A321 Crashes in Sinai (273)

    US satellite reportedly detected a heat flash over the Sinai Peninsula at the same time the Russian Kogalymavia airliner jet crashed.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — A US surveillance satellite detected a heat flash over the Sinai Peninsula at the same time the Russian Kogalymavia airliner crashed on Saturday killing all 224 people on board, according to media reports.

    The satellite’s evidence does not support the theory that the airliner was shot down by a surface-to-air missile, NBC News reported on Monday evening.

    “The speculation that this plane was brought down by a missile is off the table,” the report quoted a senior US defense official as saying.

    The official noted that US intelligence analysts believed the flash could have been a bomb exploding or a fuel tank detonating after an explosive blast, the report said.

    The US satellite would have tracked the heat trail of any missile fired from the ground with its infrared detection equipment, but there was no indication at all of that, the report added.

    If confirmed, the US reports would likely point investigators in the direction of a bomb, probably with a barometric trigger, being successfully smuggled into the cargo hold of the airliner when it was loaded at the Sharm el-Sheik airport in Egypt.

    Russia's Worst Air Accident: A321 Crashes in Sinai (273)


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    • Hermes
      ......“The speculation that this plane was brought down by a missile is off the table,” the report quoted a senior US defense official as saying...........

      And any speculation that it was a US missile fired by US mercenary terrorists on orders Mc Cain gave just two weeks ago is punishable by law.
    • avatar
      I guess US war Sec. Ashton Carter made good on his threat that Russia would take casualties as a result of an effort to save Syria. Hopefully, the truth will be found. Would be insane if it were the extremists in the Pentagon.
    • avatar
      jasin reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, Yep and they're even gloating about it. "Gee, we detected a heat flash, might want to check it out." The US can't continue like this.
    • and what's about mh17?

      and who is running the security in Sharm el-Sheik ?

      in KUL & Shiphol it's Israel
    • Can this al-jazeera disinfo "Eqyptian official says plane requested divert to Cairo", when it appears there was no such thing, be investigated, its timing and originator. ONLY a CIA asset could have made that.
    • Mikhas
      The all-mighty US all seeing eye has done it again!

      The American fascist regime feels nothing but utterly contempt against it´s own citizens as well as those of the world.

      It is also beyond ignorant to believe that people share the same type of short memory and amnesia that they does. The western corporate and state-controlled media will draw no parallels, but in peoples mind the MH-17 will undoubtedly pop up more than once. Sinai is of no particular geopolitical interest at the moment but above in the ukraine, US spy-satellites are parked....
    • Earniein reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, u cannot "park" spy satellites as they usually are on MUCH lower orbit than geostationary (200km vs 40000km altitude), you genius.
    • choticastile
      "US intelligence analysts believed the flash could have been a bomb exploding or a <<fuel tank detonating>> after an <<explosive blast>>, the report said." ??
      Seems like just more worthless poppycock, as the plane would surely then have become a fireball -- completely consumed by flames, which did not occur.
    • avatar
      As a former lawyer I learned in University that the motive is the main drive for committing as well as resolving a crime. If the prosecutors team is unable to find the motive usually means the case will pass unsolved. That is not a rocket science and anyone can see that in case of any public investigation. Motive will tell as what was reasoning behind the crime, what benefits are being gained and so on.

      That is absolutely important to know before any conspiracy theories start to spur out and muddle the waters what would be the motive for causing such horrible accident. In this tragic event it is the same question investigation will have to find. At the same time it is a call to all these who love to jump before horse cart to wait with accusation and to think cool, there will be enough of time to pass accusations once the guilty are determined. Do not forget how we reacted on all these US, NATO and EU accusations against Russia and its president Mr Putin. We were all angry and disgusted with such meaningless and outright vicious accusations and unjustified and illegal sanctions. Let us be more clever than they were and let us follow the rules imposed by investigators.

      There are many who hate one or the other party and would love to use such opportunity to blame someone. Well that is not indication of intelligence but rather opposite. As it is usual method of investigation when you make preliminary assessments before even investigation seriously starts you have to go through process of elimination which means eliminate all accusations that are not relevant to the case.

      Israel - no matter how deeply hated that terrorist state is, they would have no benefits neither directly nor indirectly in bombing of Russian airplane as if investigation would undeniably show who culprit is Russia will have to take it in account and that would require that Israel hands over all guilty no matter of their position. To conclude: Israel is not guilty party and has no involvement and it would be about 85% cleared from responsibility.

      USA – No matter how much we consider them bad and vicious, USA has that much dignity and respect that they would never assert to such low level of action against their worst enemy – Russia. USA were too often victim of terrorist acts to support anything like that. Bear in mind that crazy people are everywhere but I bet not even idiot John McCain would approve such act of useless violence against civilians. Imagine how strong would be public outcry in USA and abroad as ordinary people are always shocked with such crime. USA would be isolated and domestically all culprits would be apprehended and sentenced to death without exception. Therefore in my opinion USA are 100% cleared.

      Arab countries – Not a fat chance, there is no one that would dare to risk world wide condemnation and isolation and above all Russian retaliation. That kind of ideas might be born in some very ill heads but to execute them would be very difficult unless this person would act individually and have connections with terrorist groups. Therefore again 85% cleared.

      NATO – let's be serious with that, they might be stupid but surely they are not on a suicidal list, so NO, they would never be able to conduct such act of violence as there are always states who would prevent such actions.

      We have to remember that only very powerful anti aircraft missiles would reach that hight. These missiles are all over 500kg in weight and require special launching platform, powerful detection radar with guidance system as IR guidance system is activated only in a last few kilometres.

      That leaves us only with few options which would need to be investigated to the minute details:
      1 – Analysis of the Black Boxes to the minute details.
      2 – According to the Black Box analysis determine cause of accident
      3 – Act accordingly to the findings

      No matter weather someone like it or not that is the way it has been taken by Russian led investigation, which is the only right one. Only they will be able to determine the real cause for this disaster.

      However according to above process of elimination there are left three possible cause for disaster:

      1 – Technical malfunction. This can be further divided into subgroups:
      Inappropriate material – bad maintenance
      Electronics – shorts caused internal fire and explosion of fuel

      2 – Pilots error – Same unexpected violent manoeuvre that caused aircraft to break apart due to extreme g forces

      3 – Act of terrorism is the only viable option if first two were ruled out by the Black Boxes data. The method of blasting up the aircraft is beyond our knowledge and only military forensic experts will figure out exactly what happened and where was the explosive and what kind of explosive was used. They will be able to determine exact – to the centimetre position of the explosive and its force. These details and airport logbooks will tell them exactly who brought that explosive on board of aircraft and from there on the hunt will begun and once terrorists identified they will be actually destroyed to the last person, as this time around Russian Special Forces will go on move and that will be end game for them. Many of them will be sorry for being born at all as these SPECNAZ wont be all too soft with them.

      If I would be able to advise Specnaz than I would suggest them to spread pork fat over every terrorist before they kill him as this is the most terrifying for them as they believe that the soul of the person dirtied with pork would not be ever permitted to come before Allah and they would be rejected, and that means no a bunch of virgins and no sniffing Allah's feet. Seriously, every religious Muslim will tell you that according to their Quran.

      And at the end, I noticed that some readers do not understand that on 10 km heights there is extremely little oxygen and that outside temperature is -50 or more. These two factors prevent fire from burning but explosion of fuel is normal as the aircraft cavity has enough quantity of oxygen to create huge fireball which disappears quite instantly after that. Fuel explosion consumes all available oxygen and intensive cold prevents fire from being maintained on low level and causes fire to extinguish quite very fast. It is normal that the soil beneath exploded aircraft will be soaked up with jet fuel which will simply rain. The fire on ground occurs once fuel heats up enough for evaporation which causes combustion. That is why USA satellite saw the flash and nothing more.

      Now at the end, USA admitted that they would know exact location of firing up an missile size of BUK and are willing to support it with photo, but they are not willing to do the same in case of MH17 Malaysian unfortunate flight over Ukraine. That is the fact that USA is well aware that Ukrainian government forces fired missile and not LDR defence forces. According to USA criminal law it is a criminal offence to withhold the information about committed crime and is severely punished by long term imprisonment. That what they do in case of MH17 is exactly that and they should be sued on their own court for withholding vital evidence in extremely brutal crime which costed nearly 300 innocent lives.
    • jaodernein garshinvicin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      "Therefore in my opinion USA are 100% cleared"
      Right, it's your opinion, not a fact, since without any factual reference we can only debate on what could be plausible or not, and in my opinion the USA are not cleared in this discussion. Remember that here in Europe the US supported terrorism through the StayBehind/Gladio secret organization in the 1970s, when very large Communist Parties were active in several western countries.
      In year 2000 the Italian Parliament ended its inquiry on terrorism and Gladio: the Commission wrote at page 14 of its report: "‘Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organised or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as discovered more recently, by men depending from the structures of United States intelligence."
      After the diffusion of this OFFICIAL inquiry report, i don't remember "public outcry in USA and abroad as ordinary people are always shocked with such crime" ---After all, If they are not properly informed, how could they be outraged?
      In the present debate a possible motive of the US intelligence could be the purpose of diminishing the support to Putin from the Russian public opinion, recently evaluated at more than 80%, giving him the blame for terrorist attacks because of the intervention in Syria. Russian next parliamentary election will be held in 2016.
      The statement that the US satellites, able to read a phone number on the screen of a cellphone, spotted only "a flash" is quite strange
    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips
      Can American satellites shoot something at aircraft at 30,000 feet to make it explode?
    • avatar
      Sounds like a laser weapon took out one of the engines. Who has lasers? Hmmm. I wonder why after all this time that the U.S. has been bombing "ISIS" that ISIS has never retaliated against the U.S. or Israel in similar fashion. I think what happened is obvious. Someone doesn't like being put in check.
    • avatar
      Amazing !! Note how very, very, quickly the US defense officialdom responded with spy satellite technical information relating to this terrible tragedy. The article quotes 'a senior US defense official' as reporting that "The US satellite would have tracked the heat trail of any missile fired from the ground with its infrared detection equipment, but there was no indication at all of that." Now that official's statement is simply amazing if you take a moment and flashback to the suppression and total absence of any and all similar U.S. satellite data obtained by the United States on what caused the destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and everyone on board -- 250 men, women, and children -- over eastern Ukraine, The unnamed senior defense official cited in this article "let the cat out of the bag" as they say; we know now for certain that the United States government knows exactly from U.S. spy satellite data who, how, and very likely even why the U.S. State Department's Victoria Newland and her support of her dearly beloved Ukrainian illegal puppet government destroyed Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17. And the content of that evidentiary satellite data is, of course, exactly why the United States government absolutely refuses to tell the world what they really know -- and what we ALL want to know ... the who is really responsible for the destruction of flight MH-17 and killing of all the people on board that flight?
    • avatar
      Understand that the mainstream media will not even discuss the possibility of a microwave - or other kind of directed-energy beam weapon in this case. Laser, barometric, whatever.

      Notwithstanding some of the eloquent and detailed comments on here, I think the evidence is pretty circumstantial (when you consider who stands to gain from the existence of ISIS).

      The motive? Punishment!
    • Baybars in reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, A single flash? The wreckage is spread over many square miles and that, to me means many flashes as stuff hit the ground. A single flash must have come from the aircraft while it was still all in one place, in the air.
    • avatar
      Have you ever seen a satalite capture a flash before?


      Why in this spectacular moment an US satalite was observing the right spot of the world (0,00000x%) and in right time to capture a flash.

      I believe we have equal chance to find Aliens in space
    • support
      Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss to the Russian people of the continued companionship and good cheer forever lost to them through the untinely death of these airline passengers and crew members.

      If a flash was spotted from above whether it was spotted by a satellite or by other means, then the violent damage to the aircraft originated on the upper part of the aircraft which, typically for most civilian aircraft cesigns, is where the oxygen generator equipment is located so as to be as far as possible from the fuel tanks and lines.

      Why Western airlines discontinued the use of oxygen generators and instead use either engine bleed-air lines from the compressor section to provide cabin air or compressors and compressed air tanks for cabin air is because of the high volatility and extreme pressure generated by oxygen-making equipment, or by compressed oxygen tanks which oxygen is by its very nature highly corrosive.

      While low oxygen content of commercial Western passenger aircraft's cabin air is variously viewed as the main cause of in-flight panic attacks which are ludicrously called "air rage," the tradeoff in safety risk reduction was deemed of sufficient merit to remove all oxygen generators and oxygen storage tanks from Western aircraft per IATA engineering safety rules.

      It would therefore be of interest if there was such a device onboard.

      It is ridiculous to think ISIL has either the equipment or the trained manpower to launch a missile at an aircraft flying at the altitude this aircraft was flying. Between all the members of ISIL they share exactly one-half of a chimpanzee's brain cell.
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