14:58 GMT +319 February 2017
    Caspian Flotilla ships fire missiles to attack ISIL positions in Syria

    Tehran Has No Info on Cruise Missiles Which Allegedly Landed in Iran

    Russian Defense Ministry
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    Iranian defense ministry believes reports on "fallen Russian cruise missiles" are part of the intensified western propaganda war, according to a source.

    Tehran has denied US reports that four of Russia's cruise missiles targeting ISIL actually fell to the ground in Iran, with the country's defense ministry calling the accusations "psychological war."

    Russia's Defense Ministry also refutes US media reports of an alleged incident involving cruise missiles which were fired at ISIL positions in Syria on October 7, stating that all missiles hit their designated targets.

    "No matter how unpleasant and unexpected for our colleagues in the Pentagon and Langley was yesterday's high-precision strike on Islamic State infrastructure in Syria, the fact remains that all missiles launched from our ships have found their targets," ministry's spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

    On Thursday, CNN reported that four of the 26 missiles fired from Russian warships in the Caspian Sea went off target and crashed in Iran. That report was based on anonymous Pentagon sources, who despite claiming to have evidence of the targeting malfunction, could not identify where, precisely, the missiles landed.

    "In contrast to CNN we do not talk with reference to anonymous sources," Konashenkov said. "We show the launch of our rockets and the targets they struck."

    Indeed, the Russian Defense Ministry has posted a number of videos to prove the accuracy of its targeting systems.

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      I laughed real hard when I first read this BS at Anti-war.com. The hysterics will increase the more the Outlaw Empire's irregular army--Daesh--casualties increase. Now's the time for the Iraqi government to toss the Empire out again so it can get serious about eradicating Daesh.
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      The LIERS have be anonymous. Heaven forbid they would actually have to be able to provide evidence that what they are saying is true!!
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      how about the missiles that hit the hospital.. US have intel on that?
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      Just yesterday Sputnik made and laughable statememnt that 'every missile' hit their inbtended target to 'within nine feet'!

      Cruise missiles are not losded and sent with cameras to determine this kind of information. The Russian media, military and Putin are trying so hard to show Russia's 'new' weapons advances that they are stretching the facts and truth so much that they are sounding more every day like North Korea's UN! Total hilarity and stupidity.

      Of course the fact is that what Russia is so proud of thus far is that they have managed to achieve what the US did some near two decades ago and evinced nearly fifteen years ago. Of course the US did it with actual videos that weren't blurry and without propaganda!

      But we're proud of you Russia. Like China you have managed to buy Israeili and European technologies and steal US techs in order to 'somewhat' modernize a little bit of your military . . .

      Sadly however the Russian poor are seeing their government stipends reduced and prices hike even as Russia economy continues to tank. Putin will drive Russia into collpase again. Pity the peoples but laugh at the ignorant Putinists who follow their 'great leader'
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      slimyfoxin reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, It seams to me that you are behaving as it would be expected from someone who has been paid by State Department to make some noise and steer some bad feelings in Russian media. Well that is not working as we who are reading these media have very good insight in our media as most of us are westerners. So that makes your writing that much more pathetic as actually it is very hard to write against hard evidence and truth. All that is left to your disposition is claiming that CNN, FOX, NYT, BBC and other western governments propaganda have some evidence, however so far not a single one proved to be true. From the very first day of Ukrainian crisis until today nothing worked in your favour. It is hard to prove that lies are right and support them with fake documents as very soon it turns out that lie is lie no matter what.

      It is quite sad to see people as you who gain nothing from supporting lies and deceptions without realising that by doing so you actually support the worst what can happen to whole world. Let me remind you that in my country 1918 came an Austrian man with name Adolf Hitler and he soon become a Nazi Fuehrer, a and who brought the biggest calamity to the world. He started with a handful of idiots and later convinced majority that he is right choice. If you ask yourself, how on earth someone as him could possibly win over hearts of all Germans at that time? Simply, it started with naïve and brainwashed people who believed every his word despite evidence pointed in opposite direction. People as you believed every his word and become his staunch supporters. It started like that all on voluntary basis and later started to get more and more aggressive. Process was so gradual that believers never really understood and accepted that they did anything wrong. That is reason why even today after well over 60 million dead innocent people and committed heinous crimes there are still people who believe that Nazism is right thing. You can see them in Ukraine and in few other parts of EU such as Baltic states, Poland and Croatia.

      Do you see how dangerous is blind and unquestionable belief in something that you believe so passionately regardless all real evidence. You are prepared to believe to blatant lie with hope that it will eventually become truth. Well it wont but it will surely haunt you when it gets out of hands. Remember my country from 1933 till 1945 and you will get the picture. Chinese would say: Do not piss against wind as you cannot prove anything except that you will get wet and stinky. Believe me they are right.
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      Andrew Bowmanin reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, The propaganda efforts that you are a part of are becoming less subtle and more bizarre. Have the US and her rogue allies run out of PR money? That nine feet statement would obviously be based on the specifications of the weapon. Maybe your language and culture prevented you from properly understanding the article.

      The geopolitical landscape of the last decade and some has been bloodied by numerous lies and wars based on lies thanks to the USA. Many innocent lives have been lost because of enormous lies. These lies were preached as truth from "reputable and unbiased" sources. Here we are once again. Thankfully, incompetent people like yourself are attempting to help spread those lies.

      Russia builds their own technology. There's no greater proof that this besides the fact that the USA relies on Russian rocket technology to get their astronauts into space. Some US American rockets are built using Russian components. Are you seriously doubting Russia's well known mastery of rocket technology?

      Russia isn't going to fail. Putin will not fail. You have many sad days ahead of you.
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      We need to see results of the massive Syrian military operation. There is too much disinformation in the western media and it appears that a British journalist was with the rebels, which appears to be unlikely, especially when the Russians were bombing those areas. The journalist mentioned that 30 rebels had disabled 2-decrepid Russian tanks. According to the description given, this would have been identified, not just by Russia drones but by magnified instantaneous satellite vision.
      However, we who follow the events of this war need to be certain that the Syria army are making some gains, and retaking land from the enemy. We need photos and videos of the insurgency fanatics who have been killed after every bombing and after a massive Syria military operation. The USA will do anything to see the Russians failing in this intervention, as well as, the square brain and illiterate Saudis, Qataris, Turkey and more.
    • The great spin satan has honed its skills since the cowboy vs injuns era, John Wayne would be proud !
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      On Thursday, CNN reported that four of the 26 missiles fired from Russian warships in the Caspian Sea went off target and crashed in Iran. That report was based on anonymous Pentagon sources, who despite claiming to have evidence of the targeting malfunction, could not identify where, precisely, the missiles landed.


      <sarcasm ON> But .... but, Children News Network never lies. <sarcasm OFF>
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      in reply toNeno(Show commentHide comment)
      Yup, you're right. I laughed my ass off when the hoax was made public.
    • It's CNN? Say no more.
    • in reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, Your preposterous comment exposes your intentions like neon lights. You should be embarrassed for writing such an absurdity.
    • Robert
      “rmpblue” has every right to his/her own opinion, but an important gist of his/her comment needs to be called out. It concerns the point about Russia‘s poor. You've heard it many times before, guys. They use “the poor folks,” “poor living standards” and “corruption” as convenient excuses to do damage to other countries, as if that gives them the divine right to do all sorts of social upheavals in target countries just so they can bring in “freedom,” “democracy” and “prosperity.”

      I can't believe that these people are still using this old and overused propaganda tactic. Let me ask “rmpblue” this: Where is the freedom, the democracy and the prosperity that you promised to Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan? You people have been in Afghanistan for more than a decade, and still its economy is under-developed. Well, maybe not its opium sector, but you already know that, don't you, rmpblue?

      President Putin was able to raise Russia‘s living standards CONSIDERABLY in just under two decades. Meanwhile, living standards in the US are falling!
    • bugei009
      US & Allies digging a bigger hole for they're own grave regarding ANY credibility.
      Ashamed & disgusted w/ the Obozo & current US regime's lies & propaganda.
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      The four errant missile could be much more than propaganda. By claiming that four of Russia's missiles malfunctioned and crashed in Iran, the West is setting up a FALSE FLAG scenario.
      When Russia next fires 15 or 20 missiles at IS, the West will have an opportunity to launch a duplicate missile at a target in Iran, Iraq or Turkey and claim it was another malfunctioning Russian cruise missile.
      Russia's best defense against this is to speak out and describe this possible Western plot 24/7 until the West is too embarrassed to attempt it.
      And to state on the night of an attack: "We expect to hear from our colleagues in the West that one of missiles we are about to launch will hit somewhere in ......."
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      ""In contrast to CNN we do not talk with reference to anonymous sources," Konashenkov said. "We show the launch of our rockets and the targets they struck."

      Never trust any news from CNN as it is also known as the "Cartoon News Network", owned by the Zionists.
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      Matthewbleu2in reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, In case you are not aware, the United States is the new poor country with 47 million people surviving on food stamps and nearly 100 million people out of the job market.

      On top of this the US is weighed down by $18.3 trillion of national debts which cannot be paid back, not counting another $200 trillion of future unfunded liabilities, owing to 70 million baby boomers' entitlements.

      The US has a $650 defense budget wasting money fomenting endless wars, while America's infrastructures are crumbling and 50,000 bridges need urgent repairs.

      The US Debt to GDP ratio in 2014 was 103% vs Russia' 18%.

      Get your facts right which is the poor country. It's America which can only stay afloat by huge debts and unbridled printing of US dollars.
    • Baybars in reply tormpblue(Show commentHide comment)
      rmpblue, What's the matter, jealous?
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